The essential breath; in and out, in and out.
The calming affects during stressful times.
The common invisible strand that ties us together with all other living things on the planet.

We are so lucky to have the ability to breath a full breath in and out. It’s so important to our physical, emotional and mental health. As you read this you are probably becoming more aware of your breath — maybe breathing a little deeper, taking nice big deeps breaths. It’s funny what happens when we tune in and are aware of our own breath.

The quality of the air we breath has the ability to affect what kind of life we live. With some of the air pollution reports coming out of China in the recent years, it’s a scary thought that some humans on our planet do not have access to clean air, ever. Some people live in places that have toxic gases and waste pumping out into the atmosphere.

With that sad thought in mind, I invite you to be aware of the air all around you. What is it like? Is it fresh? Is it infused with the fragrance of blooming flowers or fir needles drying in the sun? Maybe it’s dry if you live in a desert region, humid if you live near lakes or salty if you live near the ocean.

How does the air in your house compare to the air outside your door? Where do you enjoy the fragrance of the air the most?

Today’s activity is simple. Notice the air around you. Be aware of the air you are taking into your body. Have you found a special place lately that nourishes your lungs and body?

I find that when I go into old growth forests, the moisture and freshness created by all the plants, mosses and mushrooms is amazing. I feel more alive with ever breath I take in.

For the rest of the days of the challenge try to check in with your breath at least once daily, preferably during your 30+ minutes outside. Access how fast your are breathing, the quality and freshness of the air your are breathing and you can even start becoming aware of where the air is moving — from the North, South, etc.

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