Free yourself

Welcome to the first day of the RYL Challenge. The next 30 days of this challenge is going to take you to a wilder place. The first step in rewilding your life (and your self) is to set yourself free. Free yourself from all preconceived notions of how this challenge will go, how you will feel and what experiences you will have. Free yourself of any judgements of how you should act. Free yourself from the cultural pressures of being this way or that. Free yourself from your doubts, fears and insecurity. Let yourself settle into the wildness. The wildness will teach you and show you things about yourself that you never knew.

The more free you allow yourself to be over the next 30 days, the better.

Set an intention. What would you like to receive from this experience? What would you like to give to this experience? Please write this in your journal or in the comments below.

Give yourself permission! We give you permission to connect with your wild side. To rewild your heart and mind. We give you permission to act differently; to find a new part of yourself that was hiding away. We give you permission to go out into the natural world and do nothing, say nothing and think nothing. We give you permission to look weird to others. We give you permission to run, crawl, roll, jump and howl.

Do you give yourself permission?

This may be a little cheesy but we’d love to see you write “I give myself permission” as a post in the facebook group We find that writing out our intentions can help us bring them into our reality.