Get comfortable in your skin

Accepting our imperfections is a huge step in becoming more wild and free. Freeing yourself from shame and discomfort about your very own body can be a huge relief, allowing you to focus on much better things. Much of this shame may come from your upbringing, religious background, or our culture’s impossible standard of beauty for both men and women. If you’re already quite comfortable in your body you can still benefit from doing this activity, so keep reading.

We can have some influence over how our bodies look in their most natural state (without fashionable clothing or makeup), with diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, but what I’m really talking about here is self love.

It’s important for us to feel good about how we look. Beauty plays a large role in our social order and mating as humans, but beauty is much different than self love.

Do you think other animals in the wild are uncomfortable in their nakedness? Do they dwell on things about their bodies they don’t like? Imagine how silly it would be if the other animal went around embarrassed about their bodies and needed to cover them up with clothing and makeup to feel comfortable enough to be seen, of if they felt like they had to work out in a gym and go on a diet to be accepted, or if they got botox and plastic surgery to “fix” the things they didn’t like about themselves. If you have a pet have you ever noticed them being self conscious about how they look?

Sure, many other animals tend to their looks in order to attract a mate or maintain a social status, as should we to a degree, but if we’re already confident and comfortable with our body in it’s raw natural state, then we’re already ahead of the game when we take extra care of our looks. It’s coming from a place of existing confidence, rather than insecurity.

Today’s challenge is to love the skin you’re in.

  • Spend some time completely naked and alone if you can. Dance naked in your bedroom, look at yourself in the mirror, go swimming or sunbathing in a private place and feel comfortable doing so. Being naked while alone is much different than being around other people (that takes it to another level), but it can still help you grow more comfortable with your body.
  • Rather than focusing on the things you don’t like about your body, decide on 5 things that you really like about your body. How does it make you feel to acknowledge those things? Have you acknowledged those things before? If so pick some new ones!

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