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July 17, 2015

Copper Toxicity Symptoms

Luke talks about some common copper toxicity symptoms, enjoy!
May 27, 2015

Podcast #1 – Our Healing Journey

May 18, 2015


ADRENAL BURNOUT SYNDROME by Lawrence Wilson, MD © January 2015, The Center For Development   Thousands of people suffer from constant fatigue that is not relieved […]
May 18, 2015


We live in the age of information and much of the time we find it difficult to disconnect from technology. Many of us run a business, […]

About us

Welcome to Deep Healing Space. This is an information website run by Lewis Rowlands & Luke Pryor. We are both passionate about health and development and we understand that todays modern world can be sick, toxic and confusing. By overcoming our own health blocks, development pains and spiritual issues we have come to learn a deeper understanding and appreciation towards life. We currently provide a development program, designed to heal and develop people at deep levels.

We find that true health and healing in the modern world only comes permanently by healing deep within. We focus on healing the body as a unit, tending to the mind, body and spirit. By following a full development program we are able to remove many toxic metals and hundreds of toxic chemicals. The process of this special program alone not only heals physical symptoms but is able to develop the human body towards its true potential which is a loving, energetic and compassionate being that goes far beyond flesh and bone. We have a beautiful community of wholesome healing souls and we want you to be a part of it too.

Lewis & Luke

Quote of the week

Development depends upon detoxifying and remineralizing the body, and balancing the tissue mineral levels. It also requires a special mental exercise. Healing of symptoms takes place as a byproduct of development..

-Dr Larry Wilson
June 1, 2015

Podcast #3 – Sex, love and masturbation.

May 27, 2015

Podcast #1 – Our Healing Journey

May 27, 2015

Podcast #2 – Dealing With Family, and Self Development

October 17, 2020

Nutritional Balancing & Development Science Introduction

That day in 2011 when I stumbled across Nutritional Balancing little did I know that it would not only transform my life, but thousands of others. […]
August 22, 2015

Introduction To Systems Theory

Introduction To Systems Theory
October 2, 2015

Victimhood: A Thought Experiment

Victimhood: A Thought Experiment
July 27, 2015

Lewis’ quick Health and EMF Journey

Lewis Rowlands – EMF Biography. Hello, My name is Lewis Rowlands. I am 25 years old and I’m a recovered / recovering electro sensitive (I say […]