So how do I participate in this challenge you ask? Here are some simple guidelines to follow to get the best out of your 30 days of rewilding.

Turn Off Electronics:

Ideally you will not use your cell phone unless it’s an emergency (we suggest putting it on airplane mode so that it doesn’t ring and distract you), no iPods, headphones etc. with one exception…You can use a camera to take photos during the challenge to upload to the group and for your own enjoyment. Just make sure you capture the moment with all your senses for a good amount of time first.


Share your photos, experiences, and stories with your fellow participants. You can do this by joining our Facebook group . By joining this challenge you are also becoming a part of a community and we build our community through expression and participation. We love seeing Rewilders sharing their photos and videos on social media. We’ve had people share their rewilding on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Use hashtags so we can easily find your photos and share them with the community. We suggest using #rewilders.


Please enter natural spaces with care and respect. Practice “Leave no trace” and pack out what you pack in. Try not to make too much noise so as to not disturb any wildlife or other people that may be in the area. Minimize your impact on the space as much as possible. Preserve trails and stay on them when in doubt, and don’t enter private property unless you have permission. Also try to leave a place in better condition than you found it it. That means picking up garbage/recycling that others have left behind.


Please do you best to keep your personal safety in mind as well as the safety of others. Don’t enter areas where there is a high risk of natural predators, dangerous terrain, adverse weather conditions etc. Make sure you know where you are going and that you feel safe and confident. Bring a small first aid kit, knife, warm clothes, flashlight, maps and other necessary equipment depending on where you are going. Please be safe out there and have fun!