Plant friends

Today is all about connecting with plants. Without them life would not exist as we know it on this planet. They provide food, shelter as building materials, medicine, oxygen, shade and do the same for almost all life on this planet. Can you imagine a world without our plant friends?

When first thinking of this activity I thought it would be about plant identification, but have decided that it would be best to observe a plant and try to get a better understanding of it without using science.

There’s a lot we can learn from plants by “befriending” them.

Today’s activity is to make friends with a plant.

  • Find a plant that you aren’t too familiar with. Maybe you’ve noticed it before but don’t know anything about, or maybe it’s a completely new plant to you.
  • Sit with it for awhile. Look at it. Smell it. Touch it (if it’s not too spiky or something poisonous like Poison Ivy).
  • Observe it’s structure. Notice how it grows, where it’s growing, and any other plants growing around it.
  • See what else you can discover about this plant and how it lives it’s life.
  • At the end of your time with the plant, based on what you have personally learned about it, give it a name that you feel suits it. If you already know the name of this plant in any languages you know, try not to think about that when giving it your own name.
  • If you feel the urge, learn more about it online or from a book.

Please share your thoughts and photos in the facebook group.