Playful nature art

Everyone needs play in their life. Play can help us feel refreshed, creative, joyful, and better able to solve problems.

My favourite way to play is to create art from pieces of nature.

As you are spending your time outside today, pay attention to the loose parts that nature has to offer. When you find something that catches your eye, let this be the spark for your creation. Examples of things that might inspire nature art are sticks, pieces of bark, acorns, feathers, pine needles, pine cones, shells, seeds, pebbles, leaves etc.

Approach today’s challenge with a playful spirit and let your inner child run wild, but remember to only use items that are already loose on the ground.

What were you inspired to create? What materials did you use in your creation? What else did you notice as you were creating your piece? Please share your thoughts and photos in the facebook group.


One day a girl took a walk in the woods – Blog Post