Welcome to the retest page,

The retest process is exactly the same as the initial hair tests, however, the aim of retests is to refine your program and move you to the next stage.

To read about the importance of retesting please click here 

On the HAIR FORM ONE, please ensure you add your previous lab number from your previous hair test into space provided so the lab knows what your previous results were to make a comparison.

Please fill out the form below before continuing, please click on the link.

Retest Forms

1. Here is a link to show you how to cut the hair for sampling and how to send it to the lab, please read it carefully in order to cut the sample for the lab. The address of the lab to send the sample to is below.

2225 W. ALICE AVE. P.O.BOX 37964 PHOENIX, AZ 85069-7964

2. Please fill these forms and send it off to the lab with the hair sample. You only need to fill out part two on the order form (HAIR-FORM-1.PDF) and then select your symptoms and add a date to the bottom (HAIR-FORM-TWO).


Below is a link to the cost of the program.

Within this cost you will receive,

  • A Hair Retest from Analytical Labs
  • A 30+ Page Individualised Brochure Explaining your retest in Detail
  • A Personal Analysis by myself AND by Dr Lawrence Wilson , the leading expert in hair analysis to review your next steps
  • A Personal Skype call to go over your results, talk about patterns, trends, how to move forward why you are feeling or experiencing your health problems based on our test findings and what changes in program you need to be taking. 
  • A personalised supplementation program
  • Access to our video course

Here is a link for the payment Please ensure you have downloaded the how to cut the hair sample above and downloaded the forms to send off to the lab!!

Look forward to working with you.

Lewis Rowlands