What is rundering you ask? It’s a fancy word I made up to describe my style of “running”. I enjoy the distance I can cross when I am jogging and running versus walking. There is so much more I can see and experience and it also makes me feel more wild and animal-like. There’s something freeing about moving my body in one of it’s most primal ways. I’m not by any means a “runner” or athlete. My running practice it mostly for health, transportation and access to Nature’s beauty. I have a hard time with long distance running and running without stopping. This is where rundering comes in. When I go running with Kevin (who is an athlete and racer) I stop ALOT. It really throws him off because he is on a pace and is usually training for his next race. I however, am tying my shoe, trying to spot the bird that just flew in front of me, feeling the fuzzy green moss I just passed or picking up feathers that catch my eye. I’m essentially wandering as I run. Wandering + running = rundering. Hah!

Today I would like you to try rundering. This activity isn’t going to suit everyone. Some people have knee or hip issues, or don’t have the mobility needed to runder. This is one of our more physcially demanding activities. If you are unable to runder, I suggest going for a faster than usual walk in the natural world – the type of walk that gets your heart pumping and your blood moving.

To runder make sure you have very flowy and breathable clothes on so that you don’t overheat. Take a small pack with supplies or a water bottle incase you need it during your time. Wear running shoes if you have them. I enjoy wearing minimalist shoes with a low heal because I have knee issues.

Start out by walking, then pick up the pace and walk fast. When you’re ready, bring it to a very slow jog. If you don’t jog or run often you can keep it at this pace until you need to walk again. The beauty of rundering is that you don’t have to push yourself! You can stop and connect with Nature when you are feeling winded or tired. You can pick up the jogging or running again when you feel better. If you see something in the natural world that you are attracted to stop and look at it. Sit for a while and take it all in.

When I go rundering my senses become heightened to a point that I take in so much more of what’s going on around me. Because my heart rate it up and the blood is pumping faster it helps me tap into the animal side of my senses. I feel more in tune with the plants and animals around me. I feel like a true wild human.

I challenge you to try rundering today. See what a light runder does for you and your body.

Be gentle with yourself and listen to your body and enjoy your wild body in the great outdoors.

I’d love to hear what your rundering experience was like! Please share your thoughts and photos in the facebook group