Sink into the Earth

While we humans tend to fill our time with busy-ness, many elements of nature embrace stillness. As we explore our own immersion into stillness, we may discover connections with nature and self that have long remained hidden.

Find a place where you can lie down on the ground outdoors. Grass, bare earth, stone, or sand – whatever feels right. You can wear clothing, or if you are in a place where it is possible, practice this naked. Close your eyes, begin to breathe deeply, and tune in to the sensation of your back, butt, legs, arms, and head where they contact the ground. Now, with each breath, feel yourself sinking into the earth. Your body can relax and melt. Feel yourself dissolving into the wholeness of the soil or stone.

Stay here as long as you like, each breath dissolving, and notice what you feel. Some feel that they sense a deep rhythmic energy, some feel themselves becoming more aware of the sounds of birds and the sensation of the wind, while others simply experience a profound relaxation.

When you are done, emerge gently, coming fully back into your body before you softly open your eyes.

Whether this sort of contact delivers hidden benefits, as outlined in this article by Dr. Mercola: Click here, or just provides a space for us to enter into mindful relaxation, you’ll find your 30 minutes (or more!) of sinking into the earth to be rejuvenating and serene.

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