When is the last time you were truly alone? We have a hard time in modern society with solitude and spending time alone with our own thoughts, feelings and inner wildness. We are almost always connected to the pervasive grid of humanity (even if we feel no authentic connection) via technology, whether it comes in the form of a mobile phone, a television, a book, an iPod or a work computer.

“In true solitude, you remember yourself as a part of everything, as a native of the natural world. You rediscover ease, inspiration, belonging, and wisdom in your own company.” ~Bill Plotkin

Today’s challenge invites you to explore being in and enjoying your own company. For best results, leave your mobile phone at home and head to the woods (or beach or any other natural area..) – perhaps for for a day of wandering a familiar trail in the company of nothing more than your natural surroundings, or maybe you’ll just find a nice spot to sit and relax. But go alone. (No dog either.) You don’t have to go deep into the wilderness, just a place where you aren’t likely to be interrupted. Tell someone where you are going and bring adequate water, snacks and whatever other supplies you think you’ll need. But not your phone. (if you feel you need it for safety reasons, stick it in your pack but be sure to turn it off and leave it off!) No camera. No book to read. No GPS. (Maps are great-please use one if you’ll be in unfamiliar territory.) This is a time to spend rediscovering yourself and how you fit into the natural world. And you do fit. Sometimes we just forget that in the midst of distraction and the media’s message of inadequacy. Spend at least 30 minutes, but if you are feeling ready and have the means, take the whole day. You might be surprised at what you find out about yourself.

At the end of your solitude session, how did you feel? What discoveries did you make? What beauty did you find in spending the day with only the company of yourself and nature? (Share your photos and thoughts in the facebook group.