Start a Nutritional Balancing Program – no test

Hello, and thanks for wanting to start this amazing journey in Nutritional Balancing Science. It has not only healed myself, but many many others. This program that has been refined over 40 years is in my opinion the most comprehensive health program backed up buy an exceptional science (Hair Mineral Analysis)

Below are details of the cost of a full nutritional balancing program with interpretation and access to our portal to start the program now, once the order has gone through I will setup your online portal and you will recieve a link in your email once completed. In here you will have access to start the basic program right away. ALSO there is a section in here that you will need to fill out, this is information for myself.

All of your tests and information will be uploaded to this hub, inside the hub is a private messaging system. Please use this system to chat with me. This is so I can keep everything in one place.

Also within the HUB is access to the forum. All of our clients have access to the forum and you can chat inside and create new posts. I ask that personal and private messages to be sent to me in the HUB and general questions about the program and yourself that you would like to share publicy please post in the forum. This not only creates a community spirit but it can also help other people on their healing journey. I will of course reply to both private and forum posts.

Please go through the below steps carefully. I very much look forward to helping you on your journey.



Below is a link to the cost of the program.

Within this cost you will receive,

  • A Personal Analysis by myself AND by Dr Lawrence Wilson, the leading expert in hair analysis
  • A Personal Skype call to go over your results, talk about patterns, trends, how to move forward why you are feeling or experiencing your health problems based on our test findings and what program you need to be taking. 
  • A personalised supplementation program
  • Access to our community forum
  • Instant access to your personal HUB to start the program straight away

Here is a link for the payment, once purchased you will recieve access to your HUB.

Look forward to working with you.

Lewis Rowlands