I have started to compile lists of testimonials and kind words that have been sent our way. If you have a testimonial please email lewis@deephealingspace.com and I will add here.

Hello Lewis, I want to send you this email man to say thankyou to you and Dr. Wilson for setting the program for me. In the past 2 years before starting the program i felt really fatigued and out of space in my daily life  and now i really appreciate the energy and excitement that this program gave me in my life, im planning to stay on it and follow the program for the rest of my life 

There have been some notable changes so far though, which can only be down to the programme: hormonal issues such as pms has been greatly reduced, as have agonizing menstrual pains… Which are vertually gone! My cycle is flipping around in length but I’m sure it’s a sign it’s righting itself


I wanted to send you a note to say THANK YOU because had it not been for your video, I would have been wasting time and money finding solutions.

I have now limit my use of my cell severely, and there is no wifi in my apartment.  I was addicted to my cell phone ,constantly on social media etc.  

I still get some weird teeth pain and some other things, but that appears to be diminishing.

I feel SO much better. I was able to attend a festival with hundreds of cell phones all around me, etc and didn’t feel a thing.

I think I caught this early enough to remediate it…it was very scary. I watched some very depressing videos of people having to leave the city and so forth, some were crying…awful. I don’t know how much this program would help people who are in the advanced stages of that spectrum, but I cannot imagine what that is like :/

So anyway, much gratitude. Who knew your health struggle would touch and help so many people? Spirit works in amazing ways.

With gratitude,

Thank you Lewis. I just came out of four lows and am feeling so much better. Thanks for inspiring me to continue this journey!

I am still taking sauna 6 days a week. My weight is very good, my body is feeling more comfortable. I’m getting smaller and that is encouraging. My abdominal pain has decreased TREMENDOUSLY! Thank you Lewis, thank God for you.

Hi Lewis 
This is not a mail with questions 🙂 
I just wanted to let u know how grateful I am to you And how you are a god send to a lot of people 

The last few days I did not watch your videos and I watched random nb videos and I didn’t feel the same enthusiasm and hope that I did with you 
I just wanted to send you lots of love and gratitude 
Keep v logging 

I came to Nutritional Balancing after a lifetime of illness in hopes of healing multiple clinical
diagnoses and “permanent total disability”. Two and a half years on a program afforded me the awareness that my one great need was utter surrender to God. Not simply surrendering this aspect or that aspect but radical submission of my will for Thy Will. Although I had experienced much success, my mortal mind was still having difficulty letting go of those “happy dreams”.
Once my desire became unified, the prayer of the heart invited the Holy Spirit in. I asked for help. Soon thereafter, I experienced a three-night lucid dream journey. Each night addressed an area of unhealthy attachment in my life. As the dream event began, I assumed my position as the witness. I said to myself, within the dream, “Oh, I’m working out my issues here in safety”. As if
I had been granted a dress rehearsal in my mind. The experience felt like being gently rocked in the arms of our Creator, allowing what didn’t serve to simply bubble to the surface for release.
Any remaining fear that God’s Will was not my own dissolved.
For me, NB has been about returning home to my Real Self. I always knew my destination but I
needed a guide along the path. One wants a hand to hold when surmounting deep trauma retracing. Through the program, I am beginning to know self-love and healthy self-esteem for the first time. But the most beautiful element is watching the Light spread to others. I submit my highest recommendation for Dr. Wilson and Helpers’ Development Program.




            I am a 57-year old man and had a lot of health problems.  Among them were fatigue, fear, worry, anxiety, anal itching, fissures and hemorrhoids.

            After about a year on a development program, the fissures and hemorrhoids are gone and I am more hopeful, with less pain in the body, less fatigue and less brain fog.






            I am 44 years old and have had a lot of muscle pain and anxiety for at least 10 years.  It started after an influenza episode.  I also became chronically tired and my periods became more painful.  I tried various remedies and went to a number of physicians with little success.

            Three years ago someone suggested a development program.  I did not notice much change for about two years, though overall health was a little better. 

Then I retraced the influenza that I had had 10 years ago.  The whole condition came back for about a week.  I was sure I was getting worse, but was told that this might occur and it was good, not bad.  The body was just healing a chronic condition that it could not heal previously because it was too malnourished and toxic.

After about a week of feeling flu-like, the flue cleared up – and with it most of my symptoms also vanished.  Most interesting!  Thank you.  – JR, West Virginia  





            I am 56 years old and have suffered with brain fog for over 25 years.  It began after a rape.  I became a nurse, but I could only do very basic jobs like bathing a person or cleaning up after a person. 

I have asked at least 30 physicians what to do about my inability to think through problems and how to do complex mental tasks, which included balancing a checkbook or adding up a lot of numbers.

About two years ago I began a development program.  It had helped a friend who had the same problem, so I gave it a try.

Today, I am quite a bit better.  I was in a four lows pattern, which they call the “tunnel of death”.  I’m not sure what that means, but it is not good.  I have also eliminated some toxic metals.  I feel I have lost years of my life, but am starting over.  I hope that some day physicians will recommend this program, as it is much needed by many who have the same condition as I had. – MP, Texas



            Dear Dr. Wilson, when I began a development program six months ago I was tired and had trouble sleeping.  I was also plagued with gas and bloating, acne and was often depressed and fearful.

            In the past few weeks, I have noticed that my sleep is much better, digestive problems are less, my acne went away, and my moods are better.  I also am at a better weight and I am less afraid.  I also feel better emotionally, I have more self-worth and I am at peace.  At times, I can still become negative, get angry and indignant, but it affects me less.

            A hair retest on September 13, 2019 revealed what we call an ‘amigo elimination’.  This means an elimination (higher hair levels) of iron, aluminum and manganese.  Other metals that were being eliminated on this test were lead, nickel, and cadmium.






            When Ed was 3, he had one vaccine at the doctor’s office.  Within 3 days he regressed and his normal development stopped.  He was diagnosed with advanced autism. 

Ed stopped talking, started banging his head, and became out of touch with his surroundings.  He also became hyperkinetic and had trouble controlling his bodily movements.  We consulted a number of physicians.  Nothing helped much with Ed’s symptoms.

At age 11, Ed began a development program.  Improvement was slow, at first, with little change for the first six months.  However, in the past 3 months, he has made extremely good progress.  He no longer bangs his head, he has started talking again, and he is back in touch with us and with his surroundings.  He has also calmed down a lot.  We are afraid to say he is all better, but he is definitely much better.

Ed’s first hair test indicated a slow oxidation rate with elevated copper of 4.2 mg%.  Manganese was elevated at 0.047 mg%.  Aluminum was quite high at 1.41 mg% and nickel was elevated at 0.044.  Vaccines often contain aluminum as a preservative and perhaps his also contained the other toxic metals, as well.

A retest hair mineral test on September 12, 2019 showed an elimination from the body (higher levels) of aluminum, iron, copper, manganese, nickel and lead.  This correlated with a significant improvement in Ed’s autism.

– CS, California, USA





When I began the development program six months ago, I was receiving nutrition intravenously due to serious problems digesting anything. To keep things very simple, I was facing more than 40 debilitating physical systems.  These included panic attacks, serious blood sugar imbalances, and food and chemical sensitivities. 

My free testosterone level was 18.2 with 37.0-147.0 being normal.  It was the lowest testosterone level my medical doctor had ever seen.

At 23 years old, I had found peace in knowing I wouldn’t live much longer. If I did, children and other things that I’m passionate about wouldn’t be likely.

Now my recent blood work showed the testosterone back up to 70 in six months!  I am a walking miracle and my energy becomes more vibrant every day of my life.  After being on many pharmaceutical drugs and a lot of guessing in the doctors office, I’m not on a single pharmaceutical drug now and don’t see that being any part of my future.  My old subconscious programs are disappearing and I’m beginning to create the life of my dreams.

I’m in a constant state of appreciation for this program.  The deepest, most incredible healing is possible if you’re belief in this program is as strong as mine.  Save yourself the ridiculous amount of money that I spent for healthcare, books, supplements, vegan diet, blood type diet, etc.  Instead, start a development program today.






I was diagnosed with hemochromatosis about 3 years ago.  I was told it was hereditary and that I would have to do phlebotomies the rest of my life. 

My ferritin was 1060 when I was first diagnosed.  Iron had built up in my joints so badly that I had lost range of motion particularly in my shoulders.  I was in physical therapy for all the pain in my joints and terrible brain fog. 

I started medical treatments of phlebotomies, but I did not have much luck with even giving a full unit of blood.  I had a port put in and they started drawing blood every week through my port.  But my iron numbers still didn’t change very much. 

After starting a development program, my iron quickly started to drop on my blood tests.  I no longer did phlebotomies, but my doctor kept pushing me.  He was sure that I was bleeding internally or possibly masking iron numbers with what I was doing through the development program.

He finally decided had figured it out.  Although my iron was going down, he was sure my saturation of ferritin was going up.  I humored him, but my saturation levels were good.

My liver enzymes had been really high as well, but they also started coming down.  I have been 2 years in April since my last phlebotomy.

I saw the doctor recently and had the port flushed and blood levels checked.  The doctor told me I had perfect iron levels for a “normal” person, but I wasn’t normal.  I had hemochromatosis and they wanted my iron half the level of a normal person, more to the level of anemia.  I told the doctor that I proclaimed myself to be a normal person and I had my port taken out!

I am so grateful for finding the development program and hair mineral testing.

– MB, USA 




My chronic health issues had gone on for years.  They included severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS), other menstrual problems, sugar addiction and other addictions, hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, and feeling most generally unwell all the time.  The worst problems were related to female hormones: PMS, then pre-menopausal issues, and then severe menopause issues.

I began a development program when I was 57 years of age.  The program has not been too difficult to follow, although the diet with a lot of cooked vegetables takes some adjusting.

Within six months, I knew I had found some answers.  I noticed that I smiled more.  Amazingly, the unwell feeling I had had for many years began to just go away.

Now, four years after starting the program, people who have not seen me for a while (months to years) always mention how great I look.  They see the vitality in my demeanor, the sparkle in my clear eyes, my glorious head of full-bodied hair, and my steady stamina.  I have more energy than people half my age and I am 62 years old.

I am also grounded, and able to see how I act in situations that trigger me.  I am now able to recognize my responses and correct them almost as immediately.  I owe this all to the development program.  I look forward to each day as it unfolds and to even greater healing, knowing it is possible with this program.

– RS, Texas, USA





I am 51 years of age and live in the UK.  I came across Dr. Wilson’s programme by chance, after a Google search as I was suffering from hair loss due to the menopause and stress. 

I initially found the changes quite difficult to implement, but I gave myself time and I had been inspired by a previous testimonial.  I felt determined to give it my best shot. 

I feel the programme heals on many levels.  I have experienced an emotional release as part of this.  I have less brain fog, feel happier, my mood is more stable and I feel emotionally stronger – and my hair quality has improved and has stopped falling out. 

I was also pleased to receive the results of my second hair analysis, which confirmed that I had made progress.  I feel very grateful to have come across a development programme, so a big thank you! 

– HP, London, UK




I am a 22-year old woman living in Wiltshire, in the United Kingdom.  My health problems started six years ago when I began taking birth control pills.  I believe my body was already in poor health, and the birth control pills knocked it over the edge.

Things worsened and about two years ago I began experiencing constant panic attacks, extreme low energy, hot flashes, dermatitis, fainting, dizziness, heavy painful periods, vision problems, poor circulation, brain fog, joint pain and more.

I dropped out of school and couldn’t hold down a job.  The pain was so bad that I took strong pain medication out of desperation.  Doctors put me on anti-depressants, but they didn’t help at all.  At 20 years of age this was very disheartening.

In addition to visitng regular doctors, I tried holistic healing methods, as well.  I tried a vegetarian diet, a raw food diet, the keto diet, juicing, fermented foods, digestive enzymes, chlorella, spirulina, and various kinds of vitamins and antioxidants.  None of them helped me much at all.

 A year and half ago I started a development program that this website describes.  The first six months were tough.  After that, things started to improve in giant bursts.  My pain subsided and my energy began to return.  I was able to get a job, I went back to college, and my anxiety attacks disappeared.

Every symptom goes away one by one as toxic metals are eliminated and minerals are balanced.  You will go through times of retracing and not feeling so great.  However, after those hard times big improvements occur.  My practitioner was very helpful during these times.

There is still a lot of work to be done.  However, I’m so grateful to have found this program and I believe it has saved my life. It is truly amazing and a blessing to this world. Thank you!

– AO, United Kingdom





I am a professor of mathematics and 71 years of age.  Several years ago I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon and rectum).  After unsuccessfully trying various alternative healing modalities (my cancer tumor kept growing), I underwent conventional cancer treatment: chemotherapy + radiation + surgery.

The surgery lasted 15 hours, in an excellent cancer center in the USA.  My doctors told me that I might still have few more years to live, and I was about to retire and live quietly these few remaining years.

Then I discovered the development program.  The theory behind the program was very different from all I have been familiar with. But it made a lot of sense to me as a scientist.

After less than 1.5 years on the development program, I have new life.  My energy level is high, and my blood tests are normal.  I live normal life, I again enjoy my teaching and am active in my research. 

I also notice that my ‘minor’ chronic health problems have been gradually disappearing.  These include a shoulder pain and severe broken skin on my hands during a cold weather season.  Now my hands are as smooth as they were in Summer.  A persistent ear infection that has been present for over 30 years is also almost gone.

– M.P., Alabama, USA





I am male, 32, and began the program nine months ago. (September 2017).

My initial hair test revealed a four lows pattern with 8 burnout indicators.  I did not know how bad my health was until I felt improvements some months after starting the program.

For years, I had felt a heavy weight pulling me down.  I got used to it and thought it was normal.  I had low energy, brain fog, bad memory, anxiety, constipation, low mood, low libido, and bad sleep.

I am following most of the program, including 6+ cups cooked vegetables daily, supplements 3 times a day, 1 coffee enema daily, about 2 liters of spring water between meals, three cans of Sardines a week, organic almond butter, organic blue corn tortilla chips, and I do the Pushing Down Exercise every day.  I stopped all fruit and sugar in my diet, and I avoid all wheat.

I started to feel better within a few months, especially better energy and better sleep.  On my second hair test, I was out of the 4 lows pattern and had a 3 low pattern.  There were fewer burnout indicators.

Retracing.  While I noted improvements, I still had some days when I felt pretty bad.  There were also some retracing and detoxification symptoms, though most went away in a day or two.

Several retracing symptoms took longer to go away, including heart palpitations and a rapid heart rate.  These took over a month to disappear.  Also, ringing in the ears continued for 6 months or so before it stopped.

On my third hair test I came out of the 3 lows pattern and had a “Coming Alive” pattern.  Major improvements are:

– Much higher sustained energy all day

– Better ability to cope with stress (home, work, life)

– Improved sleep (less interruptions)

– Higher stamina and strength

– Sharper clearer mind

– Hemorrhoids improved (about 50% smaller, no pain)

– Short term memory improved (though it is still not great)

– Mood improved

– Anxiety reduced (social anxiety still not great)

– Improved libido (get erections in the morning, which I had not had for years.)

– I feel like I have a new lease on life.  I am much more productive and happy, I work harder, and feel much better overall.

– M.M., Arabia





For 8 years, I suffered from very low sperm count, very poor sperm motility, and low sperm quality. Motility was not more than 0 to 5%!  I visited many doctors and used many different kinds of medicines without any success! 

I have been on a development program for 6 months.  My last semen test showed normal sperm count and motility.  Also, my wife got pregnant for the first time in 8 years.

– SA, The Middle East






I just received the results from my 16th hair test on the development program, and I had to send my thanks and enthusiasm about how much progress I’ve made.

I’ve been on the program over 5 years now, and after much hard work I am finally beginning to feel the results of my whole body-mind healing and coming into greater alignment!

Of course there are still ups and downs, and I still struggle with my diet and sleep most of all, but I’m continuing to use the tools of the program to improve my behavior.

Thank you for the specific recommendations you recently sent along these lines. I will do my best to implement them, because I have my own experience as proof that these guidelines really do produce deeper and more substantial health!


I’m so thankful for the program.


In gratitude,

S.S, Illinois, USA





Three years ago I was so ill and my entire body felt lifeless and dying.  I had chronic inflammation, acne, fatigue, dysfunctional thyroid, weight gain, depression. 

I have moved back to London and experienced so much healing over the last year.  My Christian faith has become stronger than ever and I feel very connected and full of peace. 

I continue with your recommendations and it’s my template for health and wellbeing. My skin has healed and looks beautiful and my eyes get clearer and clearer as the months go by.

The biggest change has been my spiritual growth, I am now strong enough to Pray and help others and that fills me with so much happiness.

I have had some pretty major healing reactions but thanks to you I understood them as progress (even though they were tough to go through). 

A couple of months ago I got Shingles, out of the blue!  I’m 33 and was pretty shocked but I saw it as a purge and accepted it and let it run its course. Afterwards my health seems to come back stronger…this is a pattern I have noticed with all the healing reactions I’ve had.

Although I’ve felt nuts for doing it at times, I haven’t gone a day without a coffee enema for a year. They have been a life saver at times.

Today I feel alive and so well.  Things just get better and better.  I’m often overwhelmed how life has changed for me. Even my social life has rocketed and I just want to support and help others.

– BA, United Kingdom





            George, our 8-year-old male cat suffered from anxiety, fearfulness and sleep difficulty.  His first hair mineral test showed toxicity with lead, mercury, aluminum, arsenic, chromium and manganese.

            George has improved so much on a nutritional balancing program.  He is happier, more affectionate, patient, less selfish, sleeps better, less fearful, more playful and calm.





            John, age 8, began a nutritional balancing program due to a diagnosis of autism.  His main symptoms were withdrawal, poor speech, trouble with toilet training, and overall developmental delay.  The symptoms began shortly after a vaccination at age 2.

            John had visited many doctors, including two certified DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors, with little improvement.

            John’s first hair test showed a four lows pattern, indicating significant nutritional impairment and exhaustion.  This pattern cleared out after about six months on the program.

            Real improvement occurred after about 1.5 years on the program.  It has now been 2 years on the program.  Many toxic metals are being eliminated, and John’s symptoms are all improved.  He completed toilet training, his development is catching up to his peers, speech is much better, as is his ability to concentrate and do tasks.  Thank you! – Mrs. T. Fisher, USA





My daughter (14 years old) was severely injured by a Gardasil vaccine two and a half years ago.  She started having seizures, migraines, fainting, compromised immune system, tachycardia, extreme pain in her head and spine, weakness, memory loss, and her digestive system became mostly paralyzed.

She is diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Thachycardia Syndrome), E.D.S (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), Hoshimotos Encephylopathy, Gastroparesis and a seizure disorder. 

We decided to follow a development program.  After finding how toxic my daughters tests were, we started a plan for detoxing the toxic metals safely and slowly to help my daughter to heal and expel the metals that were at dangerous levels.  She has been on the plan for 3 months now and in the 31 months since her injury, I have seen more improvement with this plan than any of the pharmaceutical drugs.

I am beyond grateful to see such a drastic change in my daughters pain level. One of her other symptoms was a complete loss of taste and smell which have returned to her in these past 2 months!

I have seen my daughter smile and have less pain than she has had in over 2 years.  This is not a small deal to us. My daughter is disabled but I actually see help for recovery now. I feel she has a chance for complete healing at her rate of improvement at this point.

She has been hospitalized 13 times and treated in the emergency room over 50 times since her injury for uncontrollable pain in her spine and migraines. Since starting this program many of her symptoms have been slowly but surely improving.

Anyone who has a vaccine-injured child knows how hard it is to heal the body after they have an adverse reaction. I held onto hope as a mother always does but it wasn’t until I started this program that my hope became very real.

My daughter had absolutely NO PRIOR HEALTH CONCERNS and ALL of her symptoms started after her Gardasil shot.  I know HUNDREDS of families affected by adverse reactions to Gardasil and even more by other vaccines. 

This program is highly effective and has given more results naturally than the pharmaceutical drugs which were making my daughter sicker. Thank you so much for getting my daughter back onto a road of true recovery.  – With love and gratitude, Sarah (mom) – USA

Update (12/23/18).  My daughter is basically all recovered.  She has been on this program for about 2 years. 





Thanksgiving is around the corner and I would like to give my warmest thanks to you.  I am very grateful for my family’s as well as my health.

Looking back , I remember going to the doctor was a regular thing, and consuming a lot of medications.  My

husband used to get allergic attacks at least every month with lots of antibiotics

and other meds.

Today, I am so happy to see that our family is medication-free.  Also, when we get sick, we listen to our bodies, and rest, and recover in a healthy natural way.  This has became a habit, a healthy and wonderful habit.  And I love it. 

Thank you.  What you are doing in this world is absolutely remarkable.



  1. A., Kuwait





Dr. Wilson, Thank you for your continued encouragement and insights. I am 70 years old and as a result of what I considered aging issues (poor digestion, allergies, dizziness, depression etc) I started the nutritional balancing program.

The first two years were a struggle. However, I continued reading your web site postings, consulting with an Approved Helper, and adding all the recommended procedures.  Now I feel reborn in all ways, physical, mental, emotional, and most important to me – spiritual. Every day is a Merry Christmas.

 – DM, USA





            I am 67, and experienced rape at age 25.  I have been basically disabled ever since.  I began a development program 6 months ago and am feeling better mentally and emotionally than I have felt in 42 years. 

It is truly amazing and I am extremely grateful.  I just wish I had known about it 40 years ago, as my life has been marginal due to the rape.  I suggest anyone who has experienced rape get on a nutritional balancing program at once and you will get your brain back.






            I had pain, fatigue, psoriasis, infections and anxiety for at least 10 years.  I thought I could handle it myself, so I self-medicated with alcohol, marijuana, sex, and partying.  When that did not work, I began to try various medical drugs and vitamin remedies – at least 25 of them.

            When that did not work, I did a “cleanse” with chlorella and cilantro.  This just made me feel very strange inside.  Finally, two years ago I discovered nutritional balancing.  Here are the results:

After 14 months of NB with no saunas or enemas, and another 12 months with coffee enemas, I must say I am amazed by the program and the results.  I did not think it was possible to feel this way and have this inner peace.

There is some anxiety now and then, which doesn’t bother me very much at all . I don’t have any of the other problems I’ve previously mentioned. I had a flare up of my psoriasis right before I started infrared saunas. After a week or two of adding the sauna to the program, the flare up was gone.

I have a deep respect for the work of everyone involved in NB. The program has developed me so that I’ve truly come in contact with my spiritual nature and I have so much more emotional control.   God bless you.

– Christian, Sweden





Dear Dr. Wilson,

            For the first time since I went off Armour Thyroid medication, my thyroid blood test is showing that the thyroid gland is near normal.  Thank you.  I am very happy about this.

– LN, New York





            When I was 19, I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.  The doctors gave me radioactive iodine to destroy the thyroid gland (RAI).  This left me with a hypothyroid condition.  I have had to take thyroid hormones ever since (for 20 years).

I have tried many therapies and doctors to see if I can heal my thyroid gland, and nothing worked until now.

I began following a nutritional balancing program 2 years and 3 months ago.  I want to pass on some surprising news.  I was recently on the phone with our hospital to get a post-surgical x-ray report sent to my doctor.  I noticed they also had my recent thyroid lab test, but had not called me about it yet.

I asked if my physician had reviewed the thyroid lab test.  She had, but had just not had time to call me to let me know.

My hypothyroidism is improving!  She decreased the Armour thyroid medication from 150 mg to 105mg.  That is awesome news!

Incidentally, on my most recent hair mineral test, the calcium shell came down and I am “coming alive”.  Thank you so much.  – JM – USA





I’m barely the woman I was when I started the program 4 years ago.  My fatigue is gone, brain fog is gone, anemia is gone, hypoglycemia is gone, controlling anxiety is gone, and fears are gone.  Life is so rewarding and wonderful now.   My plan is to stay on Nutritional Balancing the rest of my life. – JR





I am 26 years old.  I started a nutritional balancing program because I knew something was wrong with me.  My periods had stopped when I was 19.  I had bad insomnia, blood sugar problems, and anxiety/depression on and off for no reason.

I’m not sure how long I have had my imbalances, but I think one main thing that kind of flipped me off the edge was when I took a course of the acne drug Accutane in 2009 (7 years ago).  This was when my periods disappeared.  My health just got worse and worse during the years following Accutane. I also developed a lot of joint issues like knee arthritis and back problems.

Now, 18 months on the program, I have got my period back!  They are still irregular but it’s a main sign of progress for me to finally have it back after all these years! 

My blood sugar issues were the first to completely go away on the program.  Before going on the program I had to eat every 3 hours or I would get weak, shaky, anxious.  No more of this.  I eat when I feel hungry now and my blood sugar is so stable I just can’t believe it.

Also, insomnia has improved a LOT. As its worst I had up to 5 sleepless nights in a row.  Now it’s never a whole night, maybe just an occasional early morning.

I still go through a lot of ups and downs due to copper dumps, hormonal fluctuations and my body trying to balance itself.  It can be a real roller coaster but I know I am on the right path and I will keep going! 

– S.R., Finland





Dear Dr Wilson,


I am following the program and often feel very alone as sadly the information you share is so contradictory to what the media brainwashes my generation with these days.


I worked as a makeup artist for many years in London & my own health declined massively.  I was vegan for a while then ate a paleo diet.  I also did a lot of exercise – power yoga and high intensity training is all the rage here in England.  


Eventually, I became very emotionally messed up when it came to foods and lifestyle.  I couldn’t understand why I felt so tired and out of balance all the time.


Then my periods stopped completely, and my thyroid suffered and became under active.  I developed food allergies and had a long battle with acne.


I had a nervous breakdown in February 2015, so had to stop work. I moved to the USA for 3 months and ended up in an ashram which helped.  However, it was only when I asked God into my heart that things really started to change for me.  I know he pointed me to you and your work to affirm and to strengthen my faith.


Each week my health is getting better, my periods have returned and I feel so much sharper mentally. I thank you so much for all you work, you really have no idea how much it has helped me. I was truly lost and so ill. I had visited so many homeopaths & function medicine doctors over the years, and I spent a fortune. In reflection it just confused my system even more.


For years my GP offered me thyroid support drugs and anti- depressants. I knew in my heart this was only a band aid for a root cause.  So I always declined these.


I’m 32, but when I was 26 a dermatologist put me on Accutane for 18 months. By the end of treatment I had hair loss and depression.  I wish I had not taken this drug, knowing what I now know, but my acne was so terrible, and I was weak at the time.


I’m happy to say that my skin and life energy is all restoring. I will continue with the program and I take the supplements you suggest.  I eat all the foods you suggest and finally after years & years I am feeling nourished. My entire lifestyle is moving away from mainstream trends, and I feel much better for it.


I do 3-4 coffee enemas a day. And I know they help.  Anyway, enough babbling.  I just felt I had to reach out to you and thank you.  I thank God for you.

All my love

Beth – England





            Dr. Wilson, I began to have a hemorrhoid problem 38 years ago, when I was 18 years old.  It was quite severe, about the size of a quarter.  It bled each time I used the bathroom, and was painful, too.

            A doctor operated on it at one point, and the swelling went down a little, but did not go away.  The operation left scar tissue in the area.  Some years later, a second doctor operated again to remove the scar tissue.  However, the hemorrhoid persisted.

            Eleven years ago I began a complete nutritional balancing program.  The hemorrhoid slowly began to shrink, and now it is entirely gone.






            I experienced rape 21 years ago.  Since then, I have not felt right.  I was tired all the time, foggy in the head, stupid and unable to make decisions.  These were the main symptoms.

            After 1 year on a complete nutritional balancing program, I am 100 % better.  I am a new person, better than ever.  Thank you.

– R.R., USA





I just got back from an appointment at the eye doctor and have to smile.  I’m in my mid-fifties and every time I’ve visited the optometrist since I started wearing eye-glasses in third grade, my vision has gotten progressively worse. 

At the exam, the optometrist expected to see some retinal stress or macular degeneration, but as she scanned internal photos of my eye for a second time, she couldn’t find ANY problems!

She said she expected to see protein deposits on my very old contact lenses, but there were none.  “You have very pure tears,” she quipped.

Most notably, we both expected that my prescription was going to have to be stronger but it wasn’t…in fact, for the first time in my life, the strength of my prescription had to be REDUCED!  

“You’re aging really well,” she commented at the end of the appointment, still a little in disbelief.  I smiled because it isn’t luck and there isn’t a secret to “aging well”…it is just what happens when you spend years adhering to a Nutritional Balancing program!  Thank-you!


MM, California





            Mrs. S.C., age 57, sent her thyroid tests to us, indicating that her Grave’s disease had disappeared while on a nutritional balancing program, without the use of drugs, surgery or radioactive iodine treatment or RAI.  Here are the blood test results:


Free T4 (standard range is 0.8 to 1.7 ng/dl)

3/11/15  4/6/15      5/1/15      6/15/15  8/14/15

4.4               4.7               4.2               1.1               1.0


TSH (standard range is 0.1 to 5.5 ulU/mL

<0.01        <0.01        <0.01        0.02            4.83





            Quinn, age 11, had type 1 diabetes for 6 years, with only worsening need for insulin shots.  After being on the program for about 1 year, his insulin requirement has been cut by more than one half, and he is growing much better, as well.  His mood and his energy level are also much better.  He also has much better color of his skin.





I am fifty years old, and have had serious health problems since childhood including allergies, asthma, rheumatic illness, skin problems and Crohn’s disease.  I also had alcohol problems, and got alcohol poisoning 9 years ago.  I also had very thin hair, and was also wheelchair bound.  I thought that nothing could change that.  As a result, I had little hope of regaining my health when I began a nutritional balancing program.

Today, I have no asthma and the Crohn’s disease is gone.  I also have no skin rashes or psoriasis.  My hair was rather thin before, making me look almost like a man.  But now it has grown back again. 

People say to me I look more like 35 than 50.  Before I started the nutritional balancing program, people thought I was 10 years older than I was.  So now I look about 25 years younger than before.  I also had problems with infections in my mouth, and I was afraid I might lose some of my teeth.  However, I did not, thanks to the nutritional balancing. 

I can walk again.  It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to walk again, and not to have to use a wheelchair and a walker. The best of all is that I can use my hands again, so I can play music again.  I am a musician and play guitar and flute.  – M.C., Sweden





            Nine years ago I had my teeth extracted in Mexico.  At the time, one tooth had a serious infection that had gotten into the jawbone.  The dentist said he could not get all the infection out of the bone because of a nerve.

            Today I had the bone evaluated by a Huggins institute dentist.  He said there is no infection there now.  Thank you nutritional balancing, which I have done for the past 8 years!  – DF, USA





I just want to sing NB praises.  My gray hair is 98% gone!  I just want to run out and tell women everywhere to stop dying their hair and to change their diet instead.  (NOTE: this does not always occur – Dr. Wilson.) 

I am a 43 year old woman and my hair is now growing back blond and not gray. I was on the “free program” for one year, and have just started the complete program for a month and a half. I have particularly noticed a change since starting the complete program.  – C.R., New York, USA





I have been on the nutritional balancing program for about two years.  I have gone through some significant dumps in calcium (this was the biggest), potassium, nickel, lead, and aluminum.  I have noticed an improvement in intractable anxiety and suicidal thinking, along with better posture (that’s the lead).

This program is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful healing modalities out there.  The issue with it is that it takes patience and some faith, as healing reactions can test a persons faith in it.  I have been through some rough ones myself.  However, each time you get through them, you trust even more in the program, as your baseline energy continues to rise.

I used to be the most skeptical person you would ever meet, as it related to the program.  I wanted hard and fast proof of mechanisms of action from peer reviewed journals that my healing reactions were actually what they were.  That isn’t likely to occur anytime in the near future, so just realize that you will be the evidence.  Your improvement and getting through the trying times will be more powerful than anything anyone else can tell you. – CJE, USA





I had EXTREME fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog. It had gotten so bad over the years, because no one knew what it was and all my tests came back normal (traditional docs).  Since the doctors didn’t know what it was, they suggested anti-depressants, hormones, and thyroid meds. But I knew that would only be treating the symptoms. I had more apathy than depression, but I believe it was because I was just too weak to handle any emotion.

Literally, most days I woke up and shuffled to the couch, and back to bed every night for 16-20 hrs of sleep.  I wasn’t necessarily “tired”.  Sleep was frankly all I had enough energy to do, and I couldn’t make much use of my couch time, because I couldn’t read more than a couple paragraphs without being completely overwhelmed.  (Background: I have a graduate degree and worked in an upper level management position.)

I had an almost immediate small improvement on the nutritional balancing program.  That allowed me enough energy to at least shower and put makeup on most every day, and even run errands on my good days.

Nine months into the program, doing the whole program, I had a huge copper elimination or copper dump.  It hit me so hard that I was back in a wheelchair for two days, had a migraine for three days, and then a skin rash for two weeks.

I am MUCH better now.  My bad days now feel like I used to feel on my good days, before the copper elimination.  My practitioner says to expect 1 or 2 more healing reactions before I’m completely back to normal. 

But now, I can’t wait!  The program is slow, but we didn’t get this way overnight.  After nine months of following the program pretty religiously, my body finally decided it was strong enough to dump a bunch of copper.  It restored my faith in the program, because after about six months, I was getting very impatient.

I am now a staunch supporter of this program, and so happy I found it, and my consultant!  Where would I be without them?  Oh, that’s right, I’d be on the couch.

— CC, Florida





When I began a nutritional balancing program, I had been battling fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and low thyroid gland activity.  I also ended up in the hospital for a week with kidney failure despite no history of kidney issues. Western medicine got my kidneys working again and the doctors sent me home telling me “You’re fine…your labs are normal.” However, I still had no energy and felt like hell even on a good day.

I stumbled upon Dr. Wilson’s information and NB by accident and it’s been life changing for me.  My practitioner helps me understand the results of the hair mineral tests I’ve had in the last year, and it’s very encouraging to see and feel that my thyroid is improving, my brain fog has lifted, and my energy and mood are better, along with many other physical and emotional improvements. I follow many components of the program and refer to the website frequently for information, encouragement, and inspiration.

The program has also helped me make important changes in how I think.  The Facebook group is also a good source of information and support.

– D.B., Kansas





When I found Nutritional Balancing at age 52, I felt like I was literally dying, with around 25 different debilitating symptoms every day including splitting headaches, nausea, dizziness, extreme exhaustion, urinary issues, dehydration, vision problems, hypoglycemia, heart palpitations, muscle weakness, body temperature issues, numbness, skin growths….and many others.

Many of these symptoms began when I was 6 or 7 and have been with me all my life on a low level. It was only when the symptoms became acute that I realized how sick I was. I was exposed as a young child to a release of cadmium sulfate near my home, and later swam for years in my Aunt’s pond which later became part of an EPA Superfund Clean-up site because of high levels of lead.  I also had severe cravings and imbalances which caused me to unknowingly make food and lifestyle choices that actually worsened all my problems. Heavy metal toxicity has shown up on all my hair tests, and appears to be the root of the severe adrenal exhaustion I eventually experienced.

By the time I reached this point, I had been treated for over a decade by a doctor practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was under the care of a homeopath.  I had long since given up on any help from allopathic treatments.  I was at my wit’s end.

Now after more than 2 years on NB, I feel it saved my life. Because I was so sick and had tried everything else possible, I gave myself very fully to the program, and would like to share the main steps that made a difference along the way.


Supplements – Within 24 hours of starting the supplements, I went into a profound and dark depression which was only endurable because I realized it must be a reaction to the supplements.  It passed within a few hours.

Two days later, I experienced a subtle but profound feeling of something very deep in myself suddenly coming ‘into alignment.’ It was as if my being were comprised of 100 layers and, way down deep on layer #3, something had just clocked into place that had been out of sync my whole life. It was an almost indescribable feeling of rightness which I had not known I was without. This was to be the first of many positive shifts, all revealing some lack or problem I didn’t know of until it was resolved.

Five days after starting the supplements, I had an interaction with someone with whom I was in a ‘toxic relationship.’ Suddenly, I knew for the first time that I was ready to hold my own with this person, and the following day I called them and initiated a conversation I’d been wanting to have for no less than 8 years! That conversation permanently ended the negative dynamic between us. There’s never been any doubt in my mind that this change was a result of the supplements, and that they provided my body with something I’d always needed. That added element gave me the ‘backbone’ which had previously been missing.


Coffee Enemas – Within weeks of starting the program I embarked on coffee enemas. It took about 3 weeks of trial and error before they worked, and I spent months doing 6 enemas a day before I was able to retain the coffee for more than a few minutes. (Please only do up to 4 coffee enemas daily – Dr. Wilson).

Despite this, there were immediate, fantastic results! All my pain decreased substantially, making daily life MUCH more endurable. Because my colon and liver were both in a state of such toxicity and imbalance, I needed a lot of enemas to help my body relax and come into a state of healing.  I still do between 2 and 4 enemas a day, and still benefit greatly from them.


Grounding Meditation – About 8 months into NB, I began doing the Roy Master’s grounding meditation.  I chose to use the time lying on the floor during my enemas to meditate, so I was doing the meditation (at that time) 6X a day.

It impacted me the very first day!  I felt more calm and could feel the attention moving from my head downward into my torso. At this point I discovered that having energy in my head was what made it so hard to retain the enemas, and soon the grounding meditation increased my retention time to more normal amounts (5-15 minutes).

Within a week of beginning the grounding meditation practice, I felt a difference in my whole personality.  I felt more stable, secure and confident as I interacted with others. It felt like I had just taken a deep, calming breath and relaxed into myself.  I knew it was going to be very important for me to do this for a long time!

It took me 6 months of practicing the meditation many times every day before I could feel my body’s energy go all the way down to my feet for the first time! That was exhilarating. I realized during this process just how literally ungrounded I had been for most of my life, and how used to feeling I had become.  Now I was becoming accustomed to being able to feel my whole body, my legs, and my feet on the ground.  It felt much better!

I have continued to work with this meditation every day, adding components, such as choosing a positive word, image or concept and ‘drawing it down’ thru my body along with the energy.  This makes my enema time a very productive time of ‘self-conditioning,’ during which I often target anything that’s bothering me that day, affirming it’s positive resolution.


The Vaginal Coffee Implant or VCI – Almost 2 years into the program, I learned about the Vaginal Coffee Implant. The first time I tried it, I was amazed at the results (see my Testimonial on the VCI page). I could feel energy suddenly activated in the lower half of my body which I had never before felt. After my experience with the grounding meditation, I knew this was the tip of the iceberg and that such a reaction meant I probably would gain much from this practice.

This has indeed been the case, and I’ve now been doing the VCI 2X/day for nearly 6 months with continuing wonderful results.  I’ve experienced several retracings (one which has continued for months), and receive a daily boost of energy and clarity by doing it.


The 100% Diet – Finally, after over 2 years on NB, I woke up one day and realized I was finally ready to ‘go all the way’ with Dr. Wilson’s dietary recommendations.  I had been eating a high-quality diet for years, with lots of organic vegetables, whole grains, organic meat and dairy, etc.  Once I started NB I had became even more strict, eliminating all white sugar and flour, any junk food, etc.  But still, after a lifetime of food addiction and food issues, I had to proceed one piece at a time, letting go step by step.

For me, the “nine cups of cooked vegetables daily” is “100%,” and I’m so thrilled that I’ve finally gotten here!  This diet requires daily effort in the logistics of cooking and eating, plus the time and money required.  However, the results make it completely worthwhile!

The very first day I did the whole 9 cups of cooked veggies, I excreted something that smelled like burning tires or industrial solvent.  At first I thought I’d gotten something on my clothes, until I realized what I smelled was in the toilet and had come out of my body.  Wow.  That smell came out of me for 3 days.  My Practitioner said it was the colon lining being cleaned, that the ‘vegetable broom’ of the 9c veggie diet was doing it’s work, and that once the colon’s lining is cleared, much progress is possible for the body.

This has proven true.  In the several weeks I’ve been on the 100% diet, I’m in a new phase of greater energy, capacity, and new hope.  There’s a steep learning curve to making the diet work, and I know I’ll be struggling for a while to let go of old conceptions about food, but the bottom line is: when I eat this diet, my body feels amazingly good and ALL my food cravings disappear.  In addition, my attitude and mood are much smoother and more positive, and my life flows more easily.  For all of that, I’m willing to eat a lot of vegetables!


Support – You can’t do this program alone. My greatest blessing was to have a spiritual teacher and a spiritual community in my life before I undertook this program.  Because of many years of training in spiritual practices (meditation, conscious service, discipline, etc), I was able to take on the NB program and do it fully.  In addition, I have been unbelievably fortunate to have friends and family that supported me – with food, money, encouragement.  Even with all this, it is hard work!

To make it thru, you must reach out to others, even if that just means telling people – anybody who will listen! – a little bit about what you’re going through.  You never know where that conversation will lead.  In my case, sharing my experience has led to no fewer than 6 of my friends starting the program.  Those people have now become a support network for me, and I’m learning things from them as they discover the program for the first time.  In return I’m able to coach them about difficulties through which I’ve already come. Finding a NB buddy is the best thing I can think of!


Practitioner – In addition, I have a fantastic Practitioner who has literally made all the difference in my experience.  I decided early on that I needed to talk monthly to someone who would ‘hold my hand’ through the ups and downs of this healing process.  I added in the cost of that person’s time along with what I spend on supplements and food, and it has always been completely worth it.  My Practitioner fields all my questions and can make educated commentary on virtually any issue that arises regarding nutrition, symptoms, emotional reactions, and healing practices.  I wouldn’t be making the progress I am without her help.


In short, NB rocks!  I find it to be a system of unique integrity and breadth.  Dr. Wilson himself obviously has horizons big enough to include people from an unbelievably wide spectrum of life experience and cultural orientation.  His spiritual understandings permeate many of the significant principles and lessons of the program.  I’m eternally thankful for this work.  – S.S., USA




I have had great results with the free program: clearer skin…no puffy look…nails are strong no curves or bending….hair full. I’ve never colored my hair….just starting to get little gray but that seems to be reversing too! Arch back in feet….I could just go on and on. 

Over the holidays I had friends and family ask me if I had lost weight…they commented on how good I looked…I had lost a little weight, but it was really more that inflammation that was reduced! I had knots in all my lymph glands around my arm pits and breasts. They are gone! The coffee enemas have been extremely helpful.

All this happened in just in few months with no hair test yet…I just ordered my first hair test.  I can’t wait to see what that says and where I go from there!

– DC, Kentucky, USA





“I just wanted to share my great news this week.  In January of 2011 at age 46, I had a DEXA bone density scan done because I was hyperthyroid.  My bone density hip T score was -2.5 with the following comment: “This patient is considered osteoporotic according to WHO guidelines.  Fracture risk is HIGH.”

The doctor recommend that I take Fosamax, which I didn’t believe in, so I refused.  However, I did begin a complete nutritional balancing program. 

Last week, (November, 2014) I had a follow-up bone scan done and my hip T score was – 1.3 (normal is -1 and above) with the following impression: “Moderate osteopenia.  The 10 year fracture risk is low at 2.8% with a 0.5% risk of hip fracture.”

I also had some thyroid blood tests done.  While my free T3 and free T4 have been normal for a few years, the TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) had been low.  Now all 3 tests are well within the normal range without taking any medical therapy. 

I thank God for leading me to your website.  Nutritional balancing is not a quick fix nor is it easy, but it IS effective!

Thank you so much.” – S.K., USA





“I am a 51-year-old female suffering from Morgellons Disease, CFS, and Bipolar Disorder. I also suffer from depression and extreme anxiety. I have also suffered all of my life with baby fine, oily, thin hair and cellulite.

I followed Dr. Wilson’s program very strictly for approximately 5 months.  My symptoms improved so much that I actually quit the program gradually.  However, I do plan to get back on it as soon as my retest returns because my symptoms are returning.  (Deep and permanent healing takes longer than 5 months, and usually requires several years on a program. – editor)

During the first month, I began to notice my fingernails dramatically improve along with my energy level. My concentration improved and my brain fog began to dissipate.  I noticed my “menopause pot belly” began to go away along with my cellulite after a couple of months to my fascination and delight!! 

My head was shaved due to the sores on my head from the Morgellons. The sores began to go away and within 4 months were completely gone!!  My hair started growing back extremely lustrous and shiny and thicker than it had EVER BEEN with no gray!! I was both amazed and ecstatic!!  This program definitely works for me and Heather is an awesome coach when the going gets tough!!” – K.P., USA





“I feel completely recovered after 3 years on the program. When I started I was certain I was dying – quickly.  I was told my adrenals were down to 8% of capacity.  Dr. Wilson told me I would be healed if I followed the program, but it wouldn’t be easy and it would take at least 2 years.

I was unable to work for two years, but I am happy to say I am now 100% better.  I am still on the program for longevity reasons, and I offer emotional and life coaching for fellow nutritional balancing clients. – J.R., USA





“Here’s a little encouragement for everyone. My husband has improved a lot over the past year, even though he takes his supplements only once a day.  – R.R., USA





“I started nutritional balancing with one of Dr. Wilson’s practitioners 4 years and 3 months ago, one year after a diagnosis of liposarcoma (cancer).  I am a nurse (RN) in the outpatient department of a hospital.  I used to work two days a week, but I would be very disorganized at work and constantly rechecking things.

Now, on most days I can think logically.  Also, I do not have a “meltdown” if things don’t go well such as a person shouting at me how unfair things are.  I see that the person is usually drowning in their own issues and needs a helping hand. I am no longer in victim mentality.

When I come home from work, I am no longer a mess if my hubby hasn’t had time to cook.  Four years ago, I used to have meltdowns all the time at my hubby, as I was not coping. I used to think he was unreasonable ALL the time when, in fact, it was me.  I think the only reason we didn’t have the police called on us a few times due to my hysterical episodes is because my husband is a police officer.  I have calmed down so much!

My hair is thicker now, and I don’t lose as much.  My skin is less dry, and I don’t have to use moisturizer every time I have a shower.  The huge pores in my face are decreasing in size, and I don’t have a ruddy red complexion most of the time!

The biggest change has to do with my bowel movements.  I have been constipated ALL my life with a very sluggish liver and gall bladder!  With nutritional balancing, I began doing daily coffee enemas.  Almost a year ago, I increased to four enemas a day, yet I never heard that elusive “gallbladder squirt”.  However, about two months ago, when I began shining a single red heat lamp on my abdomen, I began hearing “the squirt”.  Not just a tiny one either!  Loud, multiple, unmistakable gall bladder squirts throughout the day that make me feel quite joyful.  It only took five years for me!!

I also have more formed BMs now when I do a coffee enema, instead of just mush.  Also, when I have my liter of hot water upon awakening in the morning, I can often partially empty my bowels…big, big improvement!

I also interact more deeply with others.  This past weekend when my hubby had to begin work at 7pm, I was home alone with my two stepchildren.  In years gone by, this would have freaked me out.  I used to do everything I could to avoid long periods of time not having my husband with me.  It is not that the children are awful.  Quite the opposite!  However, I was so exhausted I had very little to give.  I had two lovely evenings just sharing, talking and being with the kids that I just felt really blessed, because I can share in their life and I don’t need my husband for support.  Amazing! 

I hope this helps to give a little inspiration to those who, like me, have it rough, at times!  If I can slowly rise from the ashes of my life to post these wonderful changes, feel like I am at least partially living and not just existing, and remain in remission from cancer, then I know there is hope for others with nutritional balancing.  I for one am in this for the long-haul and I feel honored to be able to share my progress.

 – E.K., Australia





“I am only doing the free program at the moment and have been doing so for about four months. The main reason I started was to help my little boy who had severe silent reflux and colic since birth.  He was waking up to 10 times at night and I was getting hardly any sleep.  I started the diet when he was 10 months old and could only tolerate the supplements for about a week, but that was enough to kick start my body working again.

My Sons Improvements:

Less night wakings due to wind or gas (from 8 to 10 times waking up at night down to between 1 and 4)

Less clingy and more outgoing.

More alert and aware

More happy and content

Eczema has mostly cleared

My Improvements:

Less brain fog

More motivated 

Less days depressed (linked to my cycle) and not getting so low

Waking up more rested, muscles less tense

Less leg cramps

A better ability to know my physical limits

More stamina throughout the day

Better BM and less of a tendency to constipation

I have lost stubborn weight and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight

Started to write, have a little capacity for mental creativity

– R.D., USA





“When I began a nutritional balancing program I followed the diet very carefully.  However, I could not take any supplements for the first 3 months due to stomach problems.  Despite that, my thyroid function changed tremendously.

I can now take supplements without stomach upset.  My acid reflux has stopped, and I was able to stop taking Nexium.

I also have days where I don’t feel tired at all!  Since I have Adrenal Fatigue, this is a major change. 

I also decided to stop hitting my head against a wall and made some changes to a close relationship, and I’m now much closer to God – K.B., USA





“We had our baby! My delivery went really well–we had a healthy little boy, weighing 8 lbs, 11 ounces. So healthy.  He’s nursing like a champ and growing so fast!

I am so glad I found out about nutritional balancing while pregnant; I am sure my baby is much the better for me eating meat and tons of cooked vegetables and taking those supplements. You know, since starting the program, I haven’t been sick once!

My pregnancy was so easy.  I had lots of energy and a great mood all the way through.  I had no baby blues afterwards, and was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight three days after delivery!  This is all due, in a large part to nutritional balancing, I am sure!

Thanks so much for talking with me on the phone about the benefits of eating meat and of nutritional balancing, and for your wonderful coaching throughout the program–I so appreciate it! Very grateful. I will definitely be eating this way for the rest of my life, and following the principles of nutritional balancing.  It just makes sense!  – E.C., Canada





This morning, as I was going through my daily healing ritual – coffee enema, making chicken bone broth for the week, chopping veggies for the day and juicing – I became overwhelmed with this amazing feeling!  I have taken my health into my own hands!

I have empowered myself on such a deep level. I know what it is to heal and how amazing our bodies are.  Yes, we can heal!  I have been so sick for the past seven months, with days where I felt so weak and down, but deep down I never gave up.  This program takes a lot of commitment and time, as we all know.  But, boy is it worth it!

It is my gift to myself and to my family.  I am so grateful that my journey brought me here!  So, for any of you who are struggling, please don’t ever give up.  This kind of deep healing takes time.  There have been ups and downs, but be kind to yourself and never give up.  If I can do this, so can you!

– S.K., California





Dear Dr. Wilson,

When I did all my allergy testing last month, my MD doctor was so impressed with the nutritional balancing program because my results were absolutely amazing compared to years past.  We talked for over an hour about the program.  He was very impressed.

– A.H., California




“I am a 46 year old man. I work as a landscaper. I developed schizophrenia as a teen and have suffered depression and anxiety for most of my life, although I’m fortunate to be able to work part time to supplement my income. I smoked for a long time until I was 35 and after quitting developed Hashimoto’s disease, a condition which affects my thyroid. It has severely limited my energy levels.

I recently discovered the nutritional balancing program.  I have only good things to say about this program.  In the six months I have been following the protocol have seen many positive things come to light, which have helped in recovery.  My thoughts have more clarity and order, physically the limitations due to illness have lessened, and emotionally my relationships within my family have remarkably improved. It does take a lot of patience, healing does not just happen by itself and I’m thankful for the support of both my NB practitioner, Josephine and Dr. Wilson in this regards. They not only provide me with useful information and care on a daily basis, but also bring a wealth of experience to aid me on my path. They are tremendous resources, giving me confidence and keeping my efforts directed towards where they need to be, helping me to get stronger and returning me to the joys of good health”


– Bruce M, Canada




            I have much more energy, and no longer have the crushing fatigue.  I have a different sort of tiredness that comes from physical activity and working that feels like “normal” fatigue that I used to have, at times, before I wore myself out.

            My sense of humor has returned and I am much more relaxed.  I generally sleep well and the horrible hot flashes have gone away.

            Friends say I look amazing.  My skin is clear, I have color, my hair is in great condition, and I feel well.  I feel like I am coming out of a long, dark tunnel.

 – S.W., United Kingdom





I discovered Nutritional Balancing when I was four months pregnant.  I had been a vegetarian and raw-food enthusiast for several years.  I woke up one morning while pregnant with steak on the brain and couldn’t stop thinking about meat!

I figured my body was telling me something important and that it was best to listen, but was conflicted because of all I had read about well-planned vegetarian diets being just as nutritionally viable as those that included meat. Bothered, I took to my computer and spent the rest of the day researching. I came upon Dr. Wilson’s website, and found an approved practitioner who lived near me in Canada.

I feel so much better on the Nutritional Balancing program. I had always eaten a great deal of vegetables and tried to combine my foods properly, but once I began including meat, eggs, and sardines, cooking my vegetables, and cutting out sugar and wheat, my head felt so much clearer!

I’m 23, but struggled with spaciness, feeling ‘zoned-out’, and brain fog. On the program, these problems disappeared almost instantly.  Once I added in the supplements, my energy really improved.  I had such an easy pregnancy with no problems at all, great energy all the way through, and a weight gain of only 19 lbs.  My baby boy was born at 8 lbs 11oz, and very healthy, and I had no issues with baby blues afterwards.

When I weighed myself a week after his birth, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight, and my energy was great again.  Before starting the Nutritional Balancing program, I had always struggled with chronic dry skin, cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, excessive fatigue, constipation, and feeling constantly cold.  After only several months on the program, these problems have almost completely disappeared. I also have not gotten sick once since starting the program! My nutritional balancing consultant has been coaching me all the way through, and has been extremely helpful and professional, always replying to my emails within hours of me sending them. I have felt so supported throughout this journey.  –E.C, British Columbia, Canada





I am 48 years old and was diagnosed in my late 30’s with ankylosing spondylitis. I was sent for an MRI to determine to what extent it had manifested in my body. By that time the chronic inflammation had created rigidity in my neck and spine, causing a loss of mobility, such as being unable to tilt my head back to look up, or move my head beyond a certain angle going left or right. The MRI showed fused vertebrae in my neck, middle back, and in the lower spine.


I was offered pharmaceuticals, where I would have to inject myself every day for the rest of my life with a medicine that, as I understood it, was going to target and reduce the T-cells in my body. Basically it would weaken my immune system. The theory was to hinder the immune cells that were causing the inflammation, ignoring the question of WHY my immune T-cells were doing this, from what were they trying to defend me from? So I declined the medication and tried to manage by staying fit, lifting weights, using a yoga ball to try and prevent my spine from fusing even more, which could cause me to “hunch over” progressively over time.


I continued to deal with chronic pain in my spine and neck, and my digestion was bad and worsening, I would suffer frequent bouts of colitis, IBS, etc.


In September 2010 it appeared my body had finally had enough and I experienced a health crisis while on vacation in Colorado. Perhaps the high elevation (8,000ft) plus eating something that did not agree with me was the final straw. I fell ill, vomiting with diarrhea for hours, until I passed out and went into seizure. My wife called an ambulance and I spent 32 hours unconscious in the ICU. They found my sodium was dangerously low at 116. They could not believe it when my wife conveyed to them that I was fine that morning, with no indication of illness, as they explained it was impossible for a body to shed that much sodium so quickly. When I came to I did not recognize my wife nor my possessions initially, a frightening experience.


We spent the next year frantically trying to uncover what was wrong with me and find out how to recover. It was in this period that my wife and I found this amazing Nutritional Mineral Balancing and Hair Mineral Analysis program. We started it November of 2011.


 I had already lost a great deal of weight before starting the program, dropping from 209lbs. to 160lbs. as it seemed I reacted to everything I ate.  When I began the program it was not long before I began to experience many retracings and healing reactions, my weight dropping even lower, touching 149lbs at the lowest, with a body-fat of 3%. I am 6’2″ so I was quite the sight, drawing concerned looks on the rare occasion when I had to venture out for a chiropractor visit or to go grocery shopping.


I developed painful bleeding rashes down my arms to my hands, irritated and swollen skin around my eyes, and a rash opened up on my neck that wept constantly and that would not close. These persisted for 2 years. I never imagined it was possible to feel so sick for consistently so long. Each and every day brought with it symptoms. I marveled at how I had functioned for as long as I had in witnessing how toxic my body was. How could the body continue on under such a state of toxicity? It seemed impossible to me.  I began to gain a deep respect for the body’s innate intelligence as I moved through these experiences, and from this place, began to let go more and more and trust it.


Throughout this program I have gone for weekly chiropractic visits. I began seeing my current chiropractor just before beginning this program, so he saw me at my worst, and has witnessed all of my ups and downs. At times when I was going through some intense retracings I could see the concern in his eyes, and in those times it was mentally very challenging, however for my wife and I, by God’s Grace, we always felt that we were led to this program for the purpose of true healing and health. There were no other options in our minds.


3 weeks ago at my chiropractor visit we were given some incredible feedback. During this visit when my chiropractor was adjusting my spine, there was an incredible “release” in what felt like involved most of the vertebrae, on this occasion I felt it run up my spine all the way up into the occipital region. Normally he gets some vertebrae to release in the middle of my back, but on this occasion it ran all the way up into the neck and it was as if a surge of energy ran through my entire body. Before I could say anything my chiropractor stopped the treatment, he turned to my wife exclaiming that “that was incredible”. He said he never felt that much movement before in my spine, and he joked that he was so satisfied by it that he felt he could “close shop” and take the rest of the day off, lol. In fact, he was so excited that he called me the next morning to ask how I was, and to convey that he had been thinking about my treatment all that evening, and he was trying to explain that he felt that there was some sort of neurological release that had occurred. He said he now felt he underestimated how much my spine could be improved, and that he felt that the ankylosing spondylitis was now reversing. For days after this treatment I felt more mobility in my back and neck than I had in years. Also, just prior to the improvement in my spine, the rashes that have persisted for the past 2 years greatly improved, the one on my neck healing and closing completely.


 My wife and I are very excited and we feel there are no limits to what this program can offer, the only limits being what one places upon oneself. Even though on the surface it appeared that I was getting sicker at times, due to prolonged, sometimes quite intense, symptoms, we believe that the improvements and increased mobility in my spine and neck are evidence that, deep under the surface, the body has been busy healing. We feel it is just a “peek over the fence” of what is yet to come.


 It has been faith in the program, in allowing the time and space for the body’s inherent intelligence to take over and direct the healing, that continues to provide the motivation to continue on each day. It takes a de-programming of oneself of the quick-fix and instant-gratification mentality that society imposes, to allow oneself to fully appreciate what it is that this program is actually offering.


It is more than a physical healing regime, in my own experience it has cultivated a deepening spiritual connection, a drawing closer to, no less than God within. An experience where physical healing shifted from one of being the goal, to becoming a natural by-product of a very change in Consciousness Itself.


With Deepest Gratitude,

Michael G., New Jersey






            I was 5’ 7” and 275 pounds.  Over the past year I lost 112 pounds without even trying, except to do this program.  I did not have to exercise, which is good because I do not like exercise.

            My first hair test showed a standard slow oxidizer pattern with sympathetic dominance pattern.  I had three poor eliminators – iron, lead and nickel.  On my second hair test I am still a slow oxidizer, and I still have three poor eliminator patterns, and a ways to go, and some more weight to lose, but I feel like a new person.

– GH, Illinois





“I pursued Nutritional Balancing for my hyperthyroidism which I was able to overcome in a few months. Yay!!! I continued with the program despite that because I still had adrenal fatigue and other problems.

Well, recently, I finally decided to totally cut out sugar from my diet, I’m such an addict, I just couldn’t give it up. And lo and behold, now I’m pregnant! I had been trying to conceive 15 years earlier and when nothing happened, I just thought, I’ll never conceive now, I’m getting old. So we never used birth control. Well, beware, nutritional balancing can reverse infertility, so if you’re not planning to have any more kids, take the proper precautions. It was never in my plans to have a baby at 49 years old.”

– S.K., California




I have told you some of my story but, wanted to go into more detail about how this Nutritional Balancing has changed my life.  When I was in my teen years I started having panic attacks.  It affected every area if my life and made me very insecure.  I stopped driving, could hardly hold down a job and was afraid of everything, even myself.  I also had anemia.  I could only take iron for a little while then it would affect my stomach.  All the insecurities kept me very co dependent and in bad and abusive relationships.  I think God used all this to bring me to Him.  

In 1986 I asked Jesus to come into my life.  I started praying for God to show me how to get healthy.  I tried so many things, vegetarian diets, green drinks, Homeopathic Doctors, who made me very sick using Kinezology.  At my sickest, I could only stand for a few minutes.  I searched the Internet and found your articles about Adrenal problems.  My husband asked me to go to a medical doctor to have my adrenals tested.  I wasn’t one to go to MD’s but went because my husband asked me too.  I had the ACTH test.  The test came back normal.  I think the test just indicated that my adrenals worked but not how well.

I sent my hair in and got my results back which indicated weak adrenals and thyroid problems.  I started on the road to healing by starting the diet first.  I noticed more energy in the first week.  When my supplements came I took them faithfully.  I just kept thinking everyday,  what can I do today that will help me to get better.  I did coffee enemas 5-6 days a week, built a simple sauna in my bathroom which I used 5 days a week.

Every week I felt stronger.  After several months my anemia went away.  It was due to toxic copper or copper imbalance.  My anxiety is gone and I can think clearly.  I also had terrible brain fog for many years.   I feel like I have my life back and I thank God everyday.   Thank You, Dr. Wilson for this wonderful program.  Now I have 3 boys and my husband on it.  I have seen improvements in their health also.


  1. R., Texas




Dear Dr. Wilson,

You are right about so many things. I am happy I found you to help me heal.  It is unbelievable that I can walk, and that my sense of balance came back.  It is nice not to fall all the time.  After 11 years it came back, when no one thought it was possible. It is so amazing!



Maggie, Sweden





Dear Dr. Wilson,


My daughter is on a nutritional program.  She is doing the coffee enemas as well.  The astounding thing about your program is that it has revived her energy, allowed her to lose 30 pounds, and cleared her foggy brain.  After 50+ psychiatric medications, you can imagine the condition of her liver.  She does not need these drugs any more.

No matter what she did she could not reach stability, plus, she suffered a violent rape, was sodomized and choked while the criminal’s two small children stood nearby screaming!  I read your take on this kind of trauma and her how life force had been interrupted.  She only recently revealed this trauma.  Unfortunately, she told the wrong therapist and was traumatized further.

Thank you so for making such a difference in our lives.

– Beth M., California





I am emailing to let you know about my experience with Nutritional Balancing with regards to melasma.  Ten years ago, when I was 36 and pregnant with my daughter, I developed melasma.  It is an ugly skin condition (usually on the face) in which a hormone imbalance causes patches of darker skin or hyperpigmentation.

If you do an internet search you will see how devastating it can be for some women, especially if severe.  Mine was moderate – mostly on my forehead – although in the summer I could also see it on other parts of my face.  

There is no treatment or cure for it.  Dermatologists usually recommend hydroquinone to control it, which is a bleaching cream that is toxic to the liver and banned in most European countries but still widely used in North America.  I am sorry to say that, out of desperation, at one point I used this product.  Although it looks like it fades the discoloration, you are still able to see it in certain lights.  Also, as soon as you stop using the cream it comes back even worse than it was before.  

Sunlight makes the problem much worse.  In addition to the hydroquinone, dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen at all times, sunglasses, and a hat.  Even then, the sunlight can get through, making it worse.

From the research I had done about it, I knew there was a connection to estrogen dominance/copper toxicity, but when I did protocols designed to treat those conditions specifically, the melasma didn’t change.

Several months after starting my nutritional balancing program, I noticed that the melasma was fading.  As a test this summer, I wore no sunscreen or hat (unless I was going to be in the hot sun for an extended period of time, so I wouldn’t get sunburned).  There was no darkening of the areas that I had the melasma.  This means that ten years after I got it, and after only about one and a half years on your program, my melasma is gone, thanks to Nutritional Balancing!


Warmest regards!

Susan C., Canada





I am much calmer and feel much stronger these days.  It is

definitely due to the nutritional balancing program, including infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas.

I feel much more grounded and centered.  I also notice that my life is getting much easier and simpler.  Thank God!

Especially, I find myself gradually becoming less selfish, with much less concern about money, achivements, title etc.

Almost every morning, I read at least one article on your website.

I am very grateful.


– M.I.C., South Korea





              I began a nutritional balancing program 18 years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been to Europe and elsewhere with little success. 

            Now, at age 80, the cancer is gone, my teeth are healing and actually filling in, and I feel like a man of about 40.  I take care of a large home, inside and out, and have energy to spare.  I stay on the nutritional balancing program because it appears as though I am getting younger, not older.


EF, Arizona





“I am a 36 year old woman who has been through chronic fatigue syndrome/adrenal exhaustion issues since I was 17.  Through most of those years I tried every kind of Western and Eastern medicine imaginable, and I never experienced much change.  

Once I began the nutritional balancing program/healing process, I began to make amazing strides in the right direction toward an exponential increase in my energy.  My initial hair test showed a “bowl pattern” (a high Ca/Mg ratio along with a low Na/K ratio) which comes with a feeling of being stuck or trapped in your life, and I very much did at that time.  

The next hair mineral test showed that I had “climbed out the bowl” so to speak, and that is when some big changes began to happen in many areas of my life.  The low Na/K ratio of my initial test also indicated a lot of chronic, low-grade infections in my system.  Continued hair testing has shown this has been getting better.  I still have healing to do as I continue a careful diet along with supplements, but I have come a very, very long way since I started this program.

Amazingly, as my body has rid itself of toxic metals I have accumulated from my environment, I have felt that there have been many less toxic people/situations in my life.  As my body has become more full of the vital nutrients I was lacking for most of my life, I have become more fully myself and have been more true to my life’s calling.  I wish every person in the world could go through this program as there would be so much less anxiety, depression, and anger in each of us…instead there would be so much more hope, peace, and clarity.”  






Dear Dr. Wilson,

I am 26 years old, and just married a wonderful man.  I can hardly believe it because I was such a mess for years.  I was raped as a teen, and repeatedly.  My memory got bad, and I could not think clearly after that.

I got away from the rapist and read your article about the subject, and I started a nutritional balancing program about 6 months age.  I was amazed that my energy is coming back, though I still get tired.  My memory and thinking are also coming back fast, I am glad to report.  I can actually think through a situation and make a rational decision, which was not the case before.

I started going out with my husband, who is a man with a light in his eye.  That is what I call it.  I don’t know what it is, but he is firm, kind, jokes a bit and laughs at me when I act stupid, and he started telling me what to do on our first date.  I thought this was arrogant, but his advice was sound.

My parents said “Marry him, now, before he drops you”.  It was scary, but I just went ahead and did so.  I am so happy.  He and the nutritional balancing program are changing my life in ways I never would have possibly imagined.  I am learning self-confidence of a new kind, based on reality, not appearance.  I am learning to love myself, after hating myself and doubting my ability to do anything, for years.

The nutritional balancing program keeps me sane, balanced and moving in the right direction somehow.  I don’t understand it, except I am so much stronger and more centered.

I am learning not to question my man all the time, and instead to just listen and go along when I know deep inside he is right, even if I don’t like it.  He does not like makeup, or hair styles, or fancy clothes, or showing a lot of skin.  I know he’s right, but I am a young lady with a nice body, so it’s hard.  But I listen, and as I listen and obey, my life is turning from horror to love.  I cannot believe it, but it is happening.  So watch who you go with, ladies, and look for the man with the light in his eye who tells you you’re great, so stop showing it off and come back to earth and get married, rather than “have sex”.


Katrina N., N. Carolina





            I am 36 and had a lot of pain, fatigue, very dry skin my whole life, it seems, and very out of touch with feelings, I now realize.  I began a nutritional balancing program about 8 months ago and am happy to report that my skin is not dry any more, for the first time ever.

            Even better, I seem to be waking up to the fact that I had a terrible attitude about life.  I was definitely depressed, though I denied it.  I was also in denial about my pain, my fatigue, and my general ill health.  As I have gotten rid of my yin deficiency pattern, as revealed on a hair mineral test (not acupuncture), all this has changed.  It was definitely nutritionally and toxic metal-caused.


C.D., England





            I am a 20 year-old who was beaten as a child.  My father is Chinese, and believed in beating children to make them behave.  I grew up very fearful and anxious.  About 6 months ago I read about nutritional balancing and began a program long distance from America to Asia.  I even bought a lamp sauna and I use it daily.

            Slowly, the anxiety has been replaced by peace.  My retest hair analysis is showing much more elimination of lead, manganese and other toxic metals.  This is likely from all the seafood we eat here.  My sodium and potassium levels are rising out of burnout, and the ratio of sodium to potassium is rising to normal levels, indicating more energy and usually less hidden trauma.

            I had the L pattern, which means lifestyle was a major cause of ill health, and I was holding on to a bad attitude and not living from my true self.  That pattern is now fading on the retest.  It is really nice to feel like a normal person.


A.G. – Malaysia




I am 38 and have been on a nutritional balancing program for about 2 years.  I feel better now than I have my whole life!  I am free of the anxiety, nervousness, fear, doubt and low-self esteem that used to be right under the surface.  This is such a gift.

Even better, I am free from the need to constantly eat sugar.  I used to” have to have it”.  I would eat bags of hard candy, candy bars, chocolate and drink tons of caffeine and my cravings were so intense.  Nothing could stop me from eating sugar.

I was like a heroine addict.  I would lie, steal and sneak around to be able to eat more sugar…it was crazy.

Now that is like a dream.  It seems so unreal I was ever like that, yet it was less than a year ago!

I also have good energy, and I feel clear and calm most of the time.  When emotional stuff comes up I can sit in my sauna, do a coffee enema, do the meditation by Roy Masters – and I’m back to clarity.

            The articles on the website (this one) have helped me so much with my husband.  We recently started the “Sacred Ritual” and this has been amazing.  I have been with him for seven rocky years. 

When I read the articles about men and women it helped me to understand my partner much more.  He is the calmer, sensitive man.  Before I read your articles I doubted him being right for me because he wasn’t knocking my socks off or dazzling me in any way.  I couldn’t understand why I was attracted to him.  Other guys offered me more luxurious lifestyle, more financial support, wilder sex and all of that stuff, but luckily my angels were watching out and kept guiding me to the man who could and would want to “wake up” and be “Divine” with me.  It all makes sense now.




Elizabeth, Wyoming





              I suffered with adrenal burnout for at least 10 years, and didn’t even know why I was so tired, since the doctors offered little help except drugs that didn’t do much at all and often made me sick.  I was finally diagnosed with Addison’s disease, or adrenal failure.  I went on the hormones.  Then I looked into natural treatments, and I tried bio-identical hormones, but they had only short-term effects and then I started to feel strange.

            My recovery has been slow.  After two years on a nutritional balancing program, my energy level is about 60% better.  Many other symptoms, like aches and pains and allergies, are also gone.  I am hopeful, now, unlike before.  I also can work, which I could not do before.  My family also says I am a nicer person to be with.  So I know the program works, although the time required varies from person to person depending on how ill you are.  But Addison’s disease does not condemn you to a life of drugs, which I am now off of completely.


J.R., Arizona





  1. C., 67 years old, lives in Seoul, South Korea.She suffered from schizophrenia, hearing voices in her head that told her terrible things and to kill herself.  She also suffered from joint and muscle pain, obsessive/compulsive disorder, gas, bloating and frequent headaches.  She was taking schizophrenic medication twice a day to help control the voices.

K.C.’s first hair test revealed a slow oxidation rate and an extremely low Na/K ratio of 0.72mg%.  (The ideal is 2.5mg %).  Her hair potassium level was low, and zinc was elevated.  These are all indicators of hidden copper toxicity. She also had very low toxic metal levels which signify that she did not have the energy to push out toxic metals.

At this point, she began a nutritional balancing program.  After 4 months, she reported that many of her symptoms had improved. She was forgetting to take her schizophrenic drugs because she was not hearing voices as much.  However, she was still having frequent headaches.

Her first hair mineral retest revealed a fast oxidation rate. The Na/K ratio improved slightly. Copper jumped up to 5.2 mg% which is twice of the ideal level.  Her mercury level jumped up, indicating she was beginning to eliminate this important toxic metals.  The test also revealed what is called a bowl pattern.  During the next few months the voice hearing increased again.  Her headaches, however, started to improve.

Her next hair mineral retest six months later revealed a mixed fast oxidizer pattern. The Na/K ratio was still below 1mg%, but improving.  On this test, the aluminum, manganese and iron levels all increased.  These are called the amigos, as they are often revealed together, like friends.  These had apparently also been hidden deep in her body tissues, and were now beginning to come out of the body through the hair.  They are oxide forms of these minerals that are toxic in all cases.  They cause severe inflammation, anger, and manganese toxicity is associated with one form of schizophrenia, sometimes referred to in medical terms as manganese madness.  Manganese is found today in gasoline fumes, among other places.

AT this time, K.C. reported that the voice hearing had been gone for 2 months and she felt physically and mentally better than she had in many years.

K.C.’s most recent hair retest revealed a slow oxidation rate. Copper had declined to around 2 mg%, a good reading.  The Na/K ratio improved to 1.33mg% from .88mg%.  This is still low, but better.  Mercury, aluminum, iron and manganese rose higher, indicating more elimination of these metals.  Voice hearing has completely disappeared and she feels that her health just continues to improve.


 – Hyunsook, K.C.’s daughter, South Korea





Hi there, Dr. Wilson,


You kindly returned my somewhat frantic call in December when my husband Thomas had a rather severe oral reaction to the use of infrared light therapy as we’re devotees of your book and he’s battling tonsil cancer with metastases to lungs.  Not only did that incident resolve itself in a week to 10 days or so as you said it would (his physicians were Totally freaked out at the time – there was a Lot of swelling in his mouth and the dentist + oncologist + ENT didn’t want to touch him!).

I’m mainly writing to let you know we’re seeing significant reversal of his stage IV cancer via the infrared treatments which are now a big part of his daily routine.  Because of the tumor recurring in the tonsil (with an attendant terminal diagnosis by his oncologist), Thomas built a small single bulb unit and uses that for 40 minutes twice a day with the bulb positioned about 12″ from his neck.  He also built a 3-lamp unit and sits with his shirt off, turning 90 degrees about every 5 minutes thru the session.  He also does this twice a day for 40 minutes in a small enclosed area in our house that lent itself well to the application.

Due to his dire prognosis we are using a host of supplements, etc. to battle this thing, but it’s really just been since he started the infrared (late October) that we’re seeing things turn around.  For instance his CT scan in early December showed that the metastases in his lung had nearly stopped growing, having previously been doubling in size every 3 mos.

Then in January, he saw his oncologist who examined his throat and said, “where’d it GO?” as the tumor had virtually disappeared and is now more of a [largish] surface ulcer.  Then in the past month, Thomas could examine his throat in the mirror with a flashlight and reported “new pink tissue around the edges” of the tumor area, and yesterday he reported “it’s continuing to close up!”  Obviously, we are rejoicing over this development and the oncologist who knew we began alternative treatments this last year finally asked what Thomas was doing to produce these dramatic and altogether unexpected results!


– Mrs. “Sam” J., Grass Valley, CA 





I just wanted to send you a note to let you know of Buddy’s progress.  We have not seen a seizure now for the 7th day in a row!

Buddy is 4 years old.  Since April of last year we had not had a single day where we had seen no seizures.  Even on a good day, and up until we quit the meds and started playing with his diet, he had in upwards of 100-150 seizures per day!

We are very excited and hopeful that we are going to be able to cure him of his seizures now.  We have been watching him closely.  He has even gained a pound already!  He also has a healthier appearance, he is sleeping thru the night some nights and even staying in his own bed all night, and has a much better attitude and behavior!


– Bobbi Jo, Florida






I have been following a nutritional balancing program for just one year.  I had bad allergies as a child (had been on lots on antibiotics for that) and since my teens have been interested in “natural health” reading everything I could get my hands on and trying literally everything out there that I thought might help me.  On the outside, no one would have really known how bad I felt (except for the allergy symptoms), as I was always pushing myself and had successful jobs, was capable, etc.  Inside though, I was a mess and I always had this feeling like something was wrong with me or that my body didn’t really belong to me (not sure if that makes any sense).  

Along the way, I ended up on desiccated thyroid as nothing natural I tried worked for me.  I had always been addicted to sugar (since I was a kid) and as I tried to limit how much sugar I was having in the last few years, it turned into a major dark chocolate addiction (justified by telling myself it was the “healthier” choice).  I also became extremely addicted to exercise, felt uncomfortable if I even missed one day.   My favorite activities were running and vigorous yoga, sometimes doing both in one day.  I had this addiction I had for over 10 years.  Without it I could not function well for the rest of the day.

I also needed to have a protein shake each morning that had a dose of a “natural caffeine” substance added.  Everyone looked at me, the single mom, and wondered how I got done as much as I did but I knew I was terribly off balance (3 high pattern).  I couldn’t even relax enough to sit and watch a show with my daughter and would be constantly running around.  There are lots of other issues too such as what I thought was chronic candida, digestion issues, mood swings, depression, and increasing symptoms of PMS.


Addictions gone.  At 42 years old, I now feel comfortable in my body for the FIRST TIME I can ever remember.  I’m no longer in “battle” with it.  When I first started the nutritional balancing program, there way no way I could give up my addictions, so the exercise and chocolate stayed for the first few months.  As my body chemistry changed, I was able to give those things up.  Aside from walking, I haven’t overdone any exercise for months and feel ‘more at home’ in my body than I ever have.  I haven’t had chocolate in months, don’t crave it at all, and interestingly it almost repulses me now.  I have also been able to totally give up sugar for the first time ever in my life which, in my opinion, is truly a miracle in itself.  My digestion is better.  My energy levels are steady and I’m sleeping better.  I no longer feel like a crazy person pretending to be normal!


More grounded and centered.  There are so many other things in addition to that and, in general, I feel so much more grounded.  Although my relationship with my ex-husband is still strained, my interaction with him doesn’t rattle me nearly as much.  I’ve also noticed that the people I’m attracting into my life are more grounded and more “real”.  

One of the most exciting things for me is that I can now sit with my daughter, be totally present with her in body AND mind.  I have noticed wonderful changes in my daughter, Meghan, since she has been on the program as well and although I wish I could turn back time to have done this program before she was born, I am grateful to have her starting it while she is still young.


No more premenstrual syndrome.  My pre-menstrual syndrome is basically non-existent now.  I can only tell that my menstrual period is due by looking at the calendar.  I used to get terrible PMS symptoms, including major breast tenderness, and I don’t have that at all anymore.  


Parasite removal.  Although I have done parasite cleanses in the past without success (thought I didn’t have parasites!), I have had 3 times during the past year when I’ve eliminated liver flukes and other very strange looking things after doing a coffee enema.    


Thyroid correction. I was able to stop the desiccated thyroid without having negative symptoms even though I had been on it for about 12 years.  Also, for the first time that I can remember in my adult life, my body temperature is normal.  Previously, it was always low no matter what I did to try and get it up- even when I increased the thyroid medication I was taking.

I realize I’m just getting started on this journey and that there will be deeper levels of healing the longer I’m on the program but I am so grateful to have experienced all of the changes I have this past year.

Thank you both again for your support and Merry Christmas!  (I’ve attached a recent photos of myself and my daughter.)


Susan S.




            I was diagnosed with chronic hereditary iron poisoning (hemochromotosis/hemosiderosis) about 20 years ago.  I was told there was no cure, and that I would die from it about 20 years later. 

            This prediction was definitely coming true up until about a year ago, when I began a nutritional balancing program.  I was becoming stiff all over, and very bad-tempered (my husband hated it).  My heart started to feel restricted, and my blood pressure rose to dangerous levels.  My kidneys also hurt all of the time, as the iron was building up there as well.  I also began to experience memory loss and the brain did not work right. Among the major organs affected by this disease are the heart, the arteries, the brain, the liver and the kidneys, and kidney failure and strokes usually kill the person.

            In the past four months, the pain around the heart has subsided, the kidney pain is still there, but less, and the temper is much better.  My liver feels softer, and my brain is definitely working better – with better recall and memory.  My husband is delighted and is now going on the program himself.  This is not usual, the doctor told me, although he still thinks I am crazy to take a lot of vitamin pills and to do coffee enemas.  I look forward to continued improvement in the months to come.  We did not have a sauna, but my husband says he will build me one now.

            In the past four months, I retraced a terrible beating I had had as a child, and a terrible rape, too.  Letting these go, feeling the horrible anger I had held onto for so many years, seemed to be a cleansing and caused the breakthrough with the condition, perhaps.  A remarkable program it is that can retrace horrible trauma and free a person from it.


Vanessa, Indiana






After one month of my new diet and supplements I am noticing my left breast looks normal.  It had a pulling look on the top of the nipple.  I never really knew what it was.  While nursing my boys I got many infections in that left side.  It looks normal now.  I am so excited to watch my health get better.


– Regina, Texas





Dr. Wilson, since starting the supplements you recommended in July, 3 months ago, my heart rate has been much lower than it has been in the last 5 years (90s as opposed to 120s).  I was curious to see if my Free T3 and Free T4 levels were going down.

My thyroid results back in May 2011 prior to starting the program were 3 times the normal limit. My Free T3 back then was 12.5. Well, last Friday, August 29th 2011,  I had blood work done again and the results were:


Free T3:  4.2 pg/mL  Normal range 2.3-4.2  I haven’t been in the normal range for years!

Free T4:  2 ng/dL    Normal range 0.8-1.8  Just a little bit above normal!

TSH  0.01 mIU/L      Normal range  0.40- 4.5  understandable


I’m so happy!! This is my 3rd and longest bout with hyperthroidism and also the quickest it’s taken to turn it around! So exciting!


Thank you so much for encouraging me to do the program and for designing the best program for me and for pursuing the art of nutritional balancing based on hair mineral analysis. And thank you for all the info on your website, I’ve learned so much.


I wish I could share this great news with everybody with hyperthyroidism!



Sherry K. 





            My name is Bill, and I am 42 years old.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with brain fog and hyperthyroidism (Grave’s disease).  These were my worst problems, but I also had joint pain, attention deficit disorder, fatigue, eczema, sinus problems, gum disease, diarrhea, slow wound healing, hair loss, sweet cravings, anxiety and hearing loss.  I was a mess and did not know what to do.

            I found Dr. Wilson on line and I began a healing regimen with one of his practitioners.  It seemed like a lot of work to eat better, but the practitioner practically forced me to stay with it until it became a habit, and then it is easy to eat so many vegetables, cooked.

I have been doing a nutritional balancing program for less than one year, so far.  I am delighted to say that the brain fog is gone.  As for other symptoms, the joint pain is also better, the gums are much better, and the diarrhea is no more.  That was just due to eating fruit, I found out.  Now I also heal wounds faster.  I am still hyperthyroid, at times, but I don’t need the drugs, as I did before.  You told me that completely reversing some cases of Grave’s disease, also called Bsedow’s disease, can take several years if it is caused by a pituitary toxin.  My anxiety is much less, too.  I am most grateful.


Bill, in New York





Dear Dr Wilson, 


I have been suffering from digestive problems, low blood sugar and allergies for over a year or so now (I suspect due to a copper imbalance) but since increasing my protein intake, eating many cooked vegetables and avoiding all or most raw food (and FRUIT!) my energy levels have improved tremendously. 

It is truly remarkable, the amount of vegetables one can eat in a day when they are cooked!  I can get through a whole bag of parsnips!  The articles about vegetables have inspired me to create my own recipes as well. 

I have only the YANG diet to thank for this! The publications are excellent resources for anyone trying to overcome illness (and who has not yet found solution). 



Yours sincerely, 

Alexander (from London, England)





Thank you for giving back a son to his widowed mother and to us.  David, who was diagnosed schizophrenic many years ago, now appears well.  He is making plans for the future and is looking for any work, even temporary, until he can enter the field he graduated in from the University. He is most deeply grateful. 

I feel how weak are any of my words that could express to you the grateful joy we feel in seeing his recovery. His health may be found in the seven methods you gave us to use and in his emotionally resolving parts of his life with the help of our Heavenly Lord. 

We wasted a couple of years in search, and in trials and errors, until we found and contacted you about a year ago. Since then and after about ten-months time of applying nutritional balancing science methods we have witnessed the young man return to health and to the great human being he was before. 

                                                        – Dr. M.L., MD





Steven, age 38, started drugs when he was in his teens. It was very common in his household. He was caught when he was 21 years old for being under the influence and was arrested.   He was let out and put on probation for 5 years.  He then met his wife and they had a son, Domi. 

His wife’s friend introduced him to crystal meth. He had a car accident and was put in jail for possession and under the influence of crystal meth. In jail, he met someone who showed him how to make his own crystal meth.  When he got out of jail, he started his own lab and distributed crystal meth. He was pulled over on a routine traffic violation and crystal meth was found in the car. He was put in Susanville prison for 6 months. During this time, his wife filed for divorce and full custody of their son.

He was released and moved in with his parents and started selling drugs again. He was one month away from finishing his probation and was pulled over for a routine traffic violation at 3 am.   He was put in Santa Rita for 4 months then transferred to San Quentin prison for 3 weeks and then on to Pelican Bay for 1 year. Pelican Bay made him not want to go back again. Got out and moved in with an old roommate. He got a job and with the money he received, he started drugs again.

He went to rehab for a few months, but still wanted to do drugs. In the mean time, his roommate had jumped off of the golden gate bridge because he thought he could fly.  Steven moved into a rehabilitation clinic. After 8 months in rehabilitation he started a nutritional balancing program.

Symptoms.  He presented with extreme pain in his elbows, anxiety, ADD, alcoholism, crystal meth addiction, cigarette addiction, depression, fatigue, migraine headaches, hostility, resentment, joint pain, muscle weakness and cramps, paranoia and nightmares, negative thoughts and stress. He could not concentrate or settle down due to his ADD.

His first hair mineral analysis (2-15-08) revealed a four lows pattern in which the hair calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium were all below the ideal.  Four lows pattern is a give-up pattern, somewhat like a car with its wheels spinning in the ditch, getting nowhere fast.

The hair potassium was 2 mg%.  When the potassium is below 4 mg% it is called sympathetic dominance, which means the person is willful and often worries or pushes himself hard.  A low potassium with a four lows pattern indicates a double sympathetic dominance pattern.

He also had hidden copper.  Aluminum was elevated, which also tends to indicate hidden iron and manganese toxicity.  His Ca/Mg was 13.5 mg% which indicates spiritual defensiveness, and a need for a lifestyle change.  He also showed slow oxidation which indicates adrenal and thyroid weakness or exhaustion.

Steven agreed to change his diet and began taking the proper supplements for his metabolic patterns.  He also began taking better care of himself.  He also did an aftercare program in which he lived at a rehabilitation facility and went to NA (narcotics anonymous) meetings daily, at first, then 3 times a week. He also had family supporting him at this time.  Within two weeks, his elbow pain was gone.  After a few months his headaches were less frequent and mild.  He stated that he felt stronger and had better thoughts about himself. 

His second hair mineral analysis (7-3-08) revealed that he had come out of the four lows pattern.  This usually indicates a much better outlook on life and a higher true energy level.  His Ca/Mg ratio improved as well.  On this test, arsenic and aluminum were higher, indicating they were starting to come out of his tissues.  His Na/K ratio was low, which is likely a retracing of a prior tendency for depression, hostility, resentment and stress.

Steven’s next hair analysis (8-7-09) revealed fast oxidation rate.  This indicates a better energy level.  He also had elevated manganese, lead, cadmium, arsenic and aluminum.  This means that all of these toxic metals were now being eliminated from his body as his body heals.

He has been clean for 4 years.  Last year he quit smoking. His family this Christmas could not believe how good he looked.  He gets to see his son now on a regular basis. He wants to make something of himself and feels that drugs is a chapter in his life that has ended.





              I am 67 years old and people would call me a vampire because I stole energy from others.  I upset them in just the right way and they react by getting upset in a way that they gave up some energy to me. I adopted this habit early in life and it served me well.

            When I got my first hair mineral test, I was told that I was probably an energy vampire, which shocked me.  I was told this was because at my age I should not be a fast oxidizer with a good Na/K ratio, and that often the only reason for this pattern was that I was somehow stealing energy from others.

            This is when I began to wake up and realize how I had behaved for years.  I embraced the program, including the fast oxidizer diet, the supplements, and the sauna use.  I have not tried the enemas, which seem unclean to me, though they say they are the opposite – the way to clean out my insides quickly.

            On my retest analysis, I changed from a simple fast oxidizer to a four highs pattern, with an even high Na/K ratio.  It went from about 3:1 to about to about 8:1 (ideal is 2.5:1). I actually felt more acute stress and anger, which are associated with this high ratio.

            The really odd thing is I don’t want to be a vampire anymore.  I am feeling so much better in other ways that I have no need to steal energy from others.  So I am very pleased.


M. K., Colorado





Dear Dr. Wilson,


I’ve been your patient for the past 7 months. Wherever I go, people I know notice the visible difference in me and you don’t know the amount of compliments I get.  I had plenty of brown patches on my face and it not only disappeared, my face started glowing as well.  The foot pain, I had for 25 years got vanished and I stand more than 3 hrs to paint my projects. I always behaved like an old lady in her 80’s complaining about all the aches and pains but now the real ‘me’, not the ‘complainer me’ is showing up.

You’re the real golden key for the treasure chest, well hidden by the medical and drug industry. 

– Maha M., California





            I am 28 years old and have been following a nutritional balancing program for 3 months.  I am on less drugs for seizures, and am having many fewer seizures, though they are not all gone yet.  

            Also, I need almost half as much sleep as before, as I was literally having to sleep my life away.  The medical drugs were making me very tired all the time. 

            My mental attitude is far better than before, too.  So is memory and I can concentrate now once again.  Maybe stopping the drugs is helping that, too.

            I am now motivated and engaged in my life and just took up meditation and guitar lessons that I could not do earlier in my life.  I can also eat many more foods without having a terrible reaction.

            I still get a seizure before my menstrual period, but they are much better and I was able to cut down the medicine that was making me sleep all day.

            I have not tried the sauna or the coffee enemas yet and plan to do this soon.


  1. G., Denver, Colorado





I have been a firefighter in a fairly large city for the past 20 years.  During that time I have seen and been through many disturbing and scary moments. 

One and a half years ago I responded to a 3-story house fire.  I was told that someone was inside so a fellow firefighter and myself had carried out at search and rescue.  We both were trapped on a third floor bedroom, ran out of air and were rescued just as the flames were behind us.

After that incident, I began having emotional and physical problems.  I was depressed and began having muscle twitches and other physical impairments. 

I started taking anti depressant and stomach medication that made me feel even worse.  My family and friends were very supportive but that wasn’t enough.  I went to many doctors and they ran test after test with no answers.

At this time a lifelong friend of mine asked me if I have ever had my hair tested.  I really never heard of such a thing.  I had my hair tested and they discovered heavy metals in my body (from the fire and earlier fires, too) that is undetectable during blood tests.

I started out on a new diet, supplement regimen and daily saunas.  I began to improve and my mental and physical state was much better.  It has been almost nine months since I began this program.  Although all of my physical problems have not left me I do feel that I am making some real progress.

In fact, I am in the best shape physically than I have been in for about 10 years.  It is thanks to my new lifestyle.  If you want to feel better and start living again do this program.  I am now a better person and my family and I are very grateful.



20-year firefighter




            I have done hair analysis on a number of teenage boys with severe behavior problems who were living at a correctional institution for troubled teenagers.  I was shocked that every single one of them had elevated hair levels of iron and manganese.  This is amazing to me.  Iron is associated with anger, which all of these teens have.  Manganese is also associated with severe anti-social behavior and often violence, which most of these boys exhibit.

            Most impressive to me is that the boy’s behavior improves, often very much, when the toxic levels of iron and manganese are reduced on a nutritional balancing program of the proper diet and about 8 nutritional supplements that are recommended based on a properly performed and correctly interpreted hair mineral test.

            This is quite remarkable, and should be used by all correctional departments and jails across the world.


– Dr. E.G., MD, psychiatrist, Arizona





            I am 47, and was raped the first time at age 18.  My mind went numb, the body went numb, and I have never been the same.  It is horrible crime! 

It can also set a girl up for future rapes, as the mind and body do not function as well, yet I still was very pretty.  Also, one develops a strange craving for men, sex and male sexual fluid that leads to nothing but trouble most of the time.  Also, rape ruins a girl’s self-esteem so she is attracted to “love” that is often just use and sadly she is raped again and again.  We are not Christians, and this may also be a problem, as we have no spiritual guidance about all this where I live in Asia.

My worst symptoms were brain fog, horrible fatigue, allergies, no joy in life, and very low self-esteem.  While I started a company and prospered anyway, life has been very difficult.  I am blessed with a good husband or I could never have opened my business in Hong Kong.

            I started a nutritional balancing program one year and five months ago.  Dr. Wilson states that it helps reverse the trauma of rape and similar things.  It has taken a while, but on this recent retest my first four numbers – calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium – all shot up, indicating a coming alive pattern.  That is a good description of what I suddenly feel.

            My energy is much improved, and with it my self-esteem.  My fatigue is basically gone.  My brain, which operated in slow motion, sort of, is better, and so are other symptoms of ill health like allergies.  To do this, I followed the whole program, and very importantly, I had to stop eating the seafood here that everyone eats.  It is all contaminated with toxic metals, and there is no escaping it, as these sea creatures seem to soak up the toxic metals no matter what. Friends who are doing the program are not experiencing the same good results because they insist on eating the fish and seafood that Dr. Wilson prohibits.  Thank you for this wonderful healing system.


  1. A., Hong Kong





As a person who always had strived to be healthy and fit, something was horribly wrong with the way I felt.  I was extremely tired, anxious and stressed.  I was also struggling to lose weight I had gained during a particularly stressful time.

The transformation (on the nutritional balancing program) has been indescribable. I found that that seeing the results of the analysis has enabled me to understand my body and what works for me and what doesn’t.  It makes it much easier to decide whether or not I am going to put something in my body or not.

This is not just a diet and some vitamin supplements.  It is a way of life and a big investment in your future health. There is a lot of misinformation out there.


– Melissa Z., California





            I began a nutritional balancing program a few months ago, and have been feeling good since the end of March and continuing to get better and better.  I would say I am just about back to where my normal 100% used to be, but now I’m also excited to see how healthy I can really get.  I expect to be stronger than ever over the next year or two.

I would love to get the word out to any one who would listen.

            Thank you just doesn’t say it, but those are the words we use.  Good luck and may you be blessed in all you do.


– S. Clark, V.P. – Project Management

Baltimore, Maryland 





            Prior to contacting you I had consulted

with various practitioners from conventional medicine to a vast array of alternative approaches, which provided no improvement in my condition.  A few provided only a little improvement which lasted less than a month.

            After doing a hair analysis, you provided a simple program consisting of a diet easy to follow, lifestyle modifications that were common sense, sauna treatments and about half a dozen nutritional supplements.  This is in contrast to the more than 20 supplements I had been on

based on my interactions with other practitioners.

            Because of my sensitivities, I have not been able to implement all the nutritional supplements yet, but I have been slowly adding them into my diet. 

            After about 2 months on a subset of the prescribed regimen, I am noticeably improved.  In particular, my mood is more stable, my anxiety has been greatly reduced, and my sensitivities are much less.

            I am also sleeping much better. This is the first time in two years I have had a steady improvement that has lasted more than a few weeks. I thank you for continuing to provide support for me on this journey.


 – Frances M., Massachusetts





My husband was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy about 6 years ago.  I read that his estimated life span would be 5 years and his life would be terrible, with difficulty breathing, difficulty walking and finally death.

We began searching for alternatives and found the nutritional balancing program you offer.  We have followed it faithfully.  My husband’s tests have improved to the point that the doctors don’t even want to see him on a regular basis.  His cardiac ejection fraction continues to improve, astounding the doctors who gave him no hope of any kind.

He lives a normal life, continues to work full time, travel and do everything he did before becoming ill.  We are so grateful.


Martha and James, Connecticut





            I have followed the nutritional balancing program for about a year.  I can report that I am much happier, not so pessimistic as I used to be, digestion is much better and I can tolerate many more foods than before.  My energy level is also much better than before I began this program. 


– G.C., Texas





              I am a physician in South Korea who specializes in treating hypertension.  For several years, I have treated over 100 hypertensive patients with the hair analysis and nutritional balancing programs, as taught by Dr. Wilson.  It include the nutritional supplement recommendations, dietary changes, the lifestyle modifications plus the use of the near infrared lamp sauna and coffee enemas when the patient is willing.

            Observing the results, I can say that the nutritional balancing program gives us better results than any other drug therapies or natural therapies. The longer the clients are on the program, the better they respond.

Some of them experienced dramatic reduction of blood pressure shortly after having received the treatment, and some others take longer time to receive the first sign of lowered blood pressure.

            I have been successful in getting some clients off anti-hypertensive medication that they had been on for five years or more. Their blood pressure values have remained in the normal range long after having quit the medications.

            I cannot say that all the clients are successful in controlling hypertension.  About 80 percent of patients have reduced their blood pressure.

            As for those who stop the program early, almost all of them experienced symptomatic improvement. I have not seen patients with severe hypertension greater than about 170/120mmHg, or who have been on prescription drugs more than about 5 years.

            This is a clinical report on hypertension.  Thank you for your guidance and advice.


 – Dr. H. Jou., Seoul, South Korea ________________________________




Brian, age 5, had been lethargic and has more energy.  He has also not been ill nearly as much as before.  He now eats well, which was not so before.

            His sister, Sabrina, is able to tolerate food better.  Also, her teeth do not look stained as before and her eczema problem has not happened again for a long time.  Thank you.


Valerie L., California





            I am 67 years old.  I was exhausted and hardly left home due to fatigue. I was taking Prozac for depression and medication for high blood pressure as well. 

            I began the supplements and diet about six months ago.  I only took supplements twice daily.

            I have not changed my diet and still overeat on sugars and carbohydrate foods,   After 6 months on this program, my energy, mood and outlook are much better.  Also my blood pressure is now normal.

            I threw away the Prozac and the high blood pressure medication, as they are no longer needed.

            I can walk without exhaustion much farther, and have started a home business, a longtime dream for me. 

            The only negative effects are more emotional sensitivity right now and a weight gain of 10 pounds (maybe I should follow the diet Dr. Wilson recommends).


Wanda, California





On July 6, 2007, my 22-year old son’s achilles tendon was sliced by a young hockey player wearing his hockey skates. We thought it would be routine surgery and that he would be back on his feet in a very short period of time. That was not the case at all.

I could not imagine in my wildest dreams that my son would undergo three separate surgeries over the summer of 2007, hyperbaric wound treatments for nearly six months, and then finally physical therapy which he still undergoes to this day.

Joe developed a wound infection that nearly took his foot. The doctors tried everything and to no avail; nothing worked, the wound would not heal.

However, on the nutritional balancing program, Joe’s wound completely closed over a few months.  My son is walking on his own again. He is back to work. He is coaching football at a local high school. He is back to the gym. He is living life and happy again.

Thank you.


Carol, in Rhode Island





How lucky I am today because of my improved health and nutritional gains.  Not only was I one hundred pounds heavier.  My health was so poor that my family wondered if I would survive. 

I started a nutritional balancing program that included a nutritional diet and supplements.  At that point, I would have done anything to help myself feel better.   To be perfectly honest, I didn’t really believe that eating lots of cooked vegetables, some animal protein daily and a small amount of cooked grains, and no fruit and no wheat, 3 times a day, would allow my body to shed this weight. 

I kept a journal with the foods I ate and the supplements I needed daily.  Within the year I lost the 100 pounds, although I am still working on losing more.  I stopped eating sugar and wheat and watched my body change.  I only do moderate exercise and swim three to four times a week.

By the way, I can live without sugar, candy, fruits and wheat products.  The supplements really help give me energy and ease the stress of everyday life.  Thank you for giving me a great body back.


– S.K. Rhode Island





For me, it all started with a racing heartbeat, very high blood pressure and just thinking it was normal to be tired all the time.  Working at my job with people that had emotional problems seemed to have added to my declining health.  I was extremely obese, too. 

I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, that is, an irregular heartbeat that was pounding 160 beats a minute. I didn’t realize that is wasn’t normal to perspire while sitting in a chair. 

  I soon retired from my employment and focused my energy on getting well again.  At first I needed lots of medication and under the doctor’s care, I began to heal.  However, I needed much more than what they had offered me. 

It has been two years and with weight loss of over 104 pounds, as well as eating properly, I am able to walk short distances, shop for myself and continue building a normal and healthy lifestyle.  Exercise is a part of the healing process and has become fun each day.  

Your guidance and patience played an important role in my old life as well as my new one.  Thanks for your input and continued support. 


– K.S. Florida





My 11-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD. He has always had difficulty sleeping at night. He would lay awake at night restless and pensive. He would have difficulty staying focused in school.

My son has been on the program for about 7 months and he is a different person.  I have changed his diet, cut back his sugar intake and carbohydrates, especially wheat.  I increased his protein and increased cooked vegetables a lot.  He takes a few simple supplements, too.

He is calmer, more focused and is sleeping much better.  My other family members witnessed such a positive change in him that they are all currently on the program. My husband, daughter, mother, father and myself are all benefiting from this program.


K.N., Rhode Island





            At 48 I started having racing heartbeat and no energy.  I also started having double vision.  An MRI showed a pituitary macro-adenoma, a slow-growing brain tumor.  Blood tests also showed a diagnosis of Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism).  I went on medicine for Graves disease and I refused the recommended brain surgery for the pituitary tumor in favor of trying a natural approach.

            I reduced stress as much as possible, started sleeping more, improved my diet with more cooked vegetables and stopped a vegetarian type of diet.  I also took a few nutritional supplements, but not that many.

For the brain tumor, I also took Protocel, a natural cancer remedy.  Very importantly, I also started using a near infrared lamp sauna every single morning for about 30-50 minutes per session, with 15 minutes of rest afterwards.

            It was rough going for a few weeks.  I was very nauseous, couldn’t eat much and lost some weight.  However, soon I was able to cut down the thyroid drugs.  These anti-thyroid drugs started making me really cold and exhausted.

In four months, the thyroid tests were normal and I got off the medicine for Grave’s disease.  I have rare symptoms of racing heart beat, which I’ve had for years.  But my energy is good and the occasional racing heartbeats appear due to the removal of toxic metals from my body.  My thyroid tests show slightly low thyroid function and no evidence of Grave’s disease for two years.

            The brain tumor is still there, according to the latest MRI report.  However, it is smaller and my symptom of double vision is gone.

The double vision went away within a several weeks after my nausea episode.  It has now been 2 years and my vision is just fine. 


  1. L., Arizona





Dear Dr. Wilson,


It has been over a year since I spoke with you regarding my son, Stephen, who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia.  We had a hair analysis done and started him on the nutritional balancing supplements.  It seemed to work very well.  I felt like I had my son back!!!  

Unfortunately, he stopped doing it and things deteriorated again.  He ended up homeless in May, was picked up by the police (not for any crime, but just because he was psychotic) in August and has been institutionalized since then.  He’s in a locked facility, under temporary conservatorship, and I’ve had virtually no control in the situation. 

Fortunately, he was able to start taking some supplements in the mental hospital.  I told the clinic director that it would really help Stephen if he could take them.  He went from my barely being able to understand Stephen, to being very intelligible within 2 days. 

   He is so dramatically different when he is taking the supplements, that it makes me quite hopeful and optimistic.  It also makes it clear that we’re dealing with toxicity and biochemistry. 


– Collette C., Acupuncturist





Theresa, age 47, was addicted to the three drugs above, with little hope of ever coming off them.  She wrote: “My childhood was full of stress because my dad was an alcoholic.  I became tired at a young age.  I also had mercury fillings and that added to my burden of heavy metals, which also caused more stress, anxiety and worry.

A few years later I had a four tooth metal bridge placed in my mouth and that was the icing on the cake.  It probably contained nickel.  Since that day, I have suffered more anxiety, and major low blood sugar issues.  I suffered until I started a nutritional balancing program.  My stress was under control with in the first 3-4 months in.  Now I can say I am 97 % stress free.      Theresa was also diagnosed with Auto-Immune Addison’s Disease in 2009.  She writes: “I was placed on hydrocortisone 30-50 mg daily, Flucortisone 1 mg. for low aldesterone and Synthroid 125 mg for Hypothyroidism daily.  I started nutritional balancing in May 2011 and within the first 6 weeks of starting it, I was able to eliminate the Synthroid. Within 5 months I was able to eliminate Fludrocortisone.  Good sea salt helped with this.  I was able to work myself down to 10 mgs of hydrocortisone daily as of today.  I will continue to work down the hydrocortisone slowly.

In the past 2 months I have dumped high levels of aluminum.  I also got my menstrual cycle back after not having it for 2 years, plus I no long depend on any added salt to my diet. The low aldosterone is no longer a problem for me.  I have my blood pressure stable at 112/70 daily.  I feel very blessed to have a very supportive husband and two children.  But I could have never gotten this far with out nutritional balancing.  Thanks you Dr, Wilson and my practitioner who got me to this point.


– Theresa, USA




I have always been conscious of health. I was raised that way. My father taught us it was more important to take care of your health than to drive a new car or have a new home. I credit my father with my reaching 56 and never yet having been on a regular prescription medication.

My husband and I are estate managers. We are charged with responsibility for some of the most exclusive privately owned homes in the nation, most of them full of original art work and antiquities.  Summer of 2008 we were spending our first season at an extraordinary property located in one of the most desirable locations in the United States.  Upon touring this property for the first time, we noted there was a problem with large, intensely blue stains in the toilets that had  sat during the off season.

The home was relatively new, and had a state-of-the -art water filtration system. We were assured the water quality was “the best”.

We settled in and began the planning, organizing and “hit the ground running” preparation that occurs with opening a property of this magnitude for the season.  After a few days, we were noting some mild stomach cramping and unusual digestive disturbances. We did not connect it to the water we were drinking.  After several weeks, we were having nausea with the upset stomachs. At that time we decided the water “did not agree with us”, and we started  purchasing bottled water as was our regular habit. I cannot really recall exactly when  that summer I began noticing the unrelenting fatigue and recognizing that something was tremendously different, terribly wrong.

I began to awaken in the middle of the night with terrible leg cramps. This was occurring with greater and greater frequency.  I remember thinking the fatigue was coming from having my sleep interrupted by these mystery leg cramps. During the next few weeks my hair started breaking off and falling out. I had used a new conditioning product and thought it had interacted with my henna treatment and damaged my hair. Still, I was clueless. I found myself drifting through days. Trying to reach inward and retrieve my spark, my creativity, my enthusiasm. My genuine interest and love for people was dwindling, I wanted to isolate myself. I oddly found myself trying to be me by pretense, trying to duplicate what I recalled being like. I started recognizing that , for the first time in my life, I had the symptoms of genuine depression. But why????


Copper, the culprit.  At close of season, early fall 2008, we were given the news that the water we had drank and were showering in twice per day had an extremely high copper content. The property , being a very large one, had an inordinate amount of copper pipes and an unresolved acidic water content which was not affected by the filtration system. We were further advised to have a hair mineral analysis, as this was the only reliable test for mineral/heavy metal toxicity. 

I have tried to think of an amusing anecdote to relate about acquiring the exhaustion that comes with copper toxicity.  The feeling of being unplugged from your energy source with no way to recover, no matter how disciplined your diet or how regular your sleep habits. It is like losing your life suddenly. You walk around in this shell going thru the motions…task driven with no joy.  Not only have you lost your  energy, but feel you have lost yourself for you can no longer function the same. I cannot think of an amusing anecdote for this scenario. Perhaps I am still to near to the occurrence.  It was an unexpected tragedy at a most inconvenient time.

I began to research copper toxicity and found Dr. Wilson’s website. There I saw my symptoms on parade.  I researched traditional chelation therapy….too many side effects…too much risk.  I had known a man years ago who had this treatment modality for an acquired environmental toxicity. It was tremendously limiting for him and toxic. Not acceptable.

I kept coming back, time and time again, to Dr. Wilson’s pages. As my reading progressed , I found myself viewing his work as the research standard to measure other opinions by. It was at this time that we contacted Dr. Wilson by email and well, as they say, the rest is history!

Over the next two years, my husband and I underwent a transformation in health and well being. I truly feared, at the beginning of this journey, that life was so changed it could never be the same again. The program has been one of the great blessings in my life. It gave me my quality of life back…dare I say it even improved upon it! 

The first symptoms to lift were the foggy depression and withdrawal. My mental clarity became sharp again. As months proceeded I was able to reconnect with myself and all the qualities I had worked so much of my life to attain. It truly has been an experience of finding oneself at every level and healing.

The treatment regimen is a disciplined lifestyle approach to healing. Sound, healthy diet tailored to metabolic type, high quality mineral supplements to encourage rebalancing of body chemistry, coffee enemas to assist the liver in this large job of detoxification, near infrared sauna therapy to assist dramatically in the off-loading of toxins. It was do-able, it is time tested, and it worked!

How can I relate the joy of regaining that most treasured possession of my health and state of well being on every level? I so appreciate this life, this gift, and still my father’s teaching echo’s in my head. He was so right.

Personal well being is the most precious possession. If you don’t have that, you are tragically limited in your appreciation of all other things.