The Pushing Down Excersise


by Dr. Lawrence Wilson

© September 2016, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.

All information in this article is for educational purposes only.  It is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prescription or cure of any disease or health condition.


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Most powerful part of nutritional balancing

Not part of Dr. Eck’s program

Not like other meditative procedures







Body Position

The Exercise

Toe Breathing

Emptying The Mind

For Women









For Distractions

For Discouragement

For Upsetting Feelings Or Thoughts

Other Suggestions For Success





Calming The Mind

Bringing In A New Energy

Etheric reset

Developing Power And Broadcasting

Is It Religious?

Reading About It Does Not Work






















The pushing down exercise is the most powerful part of a nutritional balancing program.  Many clients skip it, or decide to do a different meditative or mental exercise instead.  This is very foolish!

The pushing down procedure develops your will correctly.  It also moves ether or etheric energy powerfully throughout the body.  It also spins all the energy centers correctly.  It also heals and rejuvenates the entire body and brain.  There is nothing like it in the entire world, and I am pleased to offer it.  Please do not skip this part of a nutritional balancing program.


Not part of Dr. Eck’s program.  Dr. Paul Eck, from whom I learned the basics of nutritional balancing, did not include the pushing down exercise in his nutritional balancing programs.  However, it fits perfectly into the nutritional balancing paradigm.


Not like other meditative procedures.  The pushing down exercise is an action exercise.  It has little in common with meditations such as Transcendental Meditation, Vipassana meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Zen meditation, Kundalini meditation and most others.

Meditations are usually calming, contemplative, gentle and relaxing.  The pushing down exercise is not like this.  When done correctly, it is active and forceful, and somewhat intense.  It causes relaxation later, but not while you are doing it.  It helps one relax because it brings up and resolves deep traumas that keep one from relaxing.  However, doing it is not relaxing.




  1. Never force anything. It is never necessary or helpful.  Make the effort to do the exercise, but once you are doing it, do not force any type of results or changes to occur.


  1. Do not confuse the pushing down exercise with other mental or spiritual practices. Many clients tell me they don’t do the pushing down exercise because they read the Bible, pray, go to meditation or yoga classes a few times a week, or do other mental exercises.

All the above have benefits, but are not the same as the pushing down exercise.  Please do not confuse yourself!  Meditations are different, and only this exercise has certain effects that we desire.


  1. Always place your attention at your feet, or about 30 inches or about 75 centimeters below or beyond your feet away from your head.

Never put your attention on your forehead. Keep your attention down at your feet or beyond.  Then you will relax and not get a headache.  Toe breathing helps this, and is described a little later in this article.


  1. Schedule the pushing down exercise. Do not try to fit it into your day without scheduling it. It is too easy to forget it.


  1. Do not speak commands or affirmations. Some clients want to speak certain words, prayers or affirmations while doing the pushing down exercise. Do not do this.  The exercise is not about words at all.

Do not say “I command the energy to go downward”, for example.  Instead, silently visualize energy moving from your head toward your feet and down to 30 inches or 75 centimeters below your feet.


  1. Ignore phenomena that may occur. You may hear sounds, or see a light, at times.Occasionally, there may be a tingling or other sensation.

Ignore the sensations!  They are not important or even significant.  Moving the energy downward is what matters.


  1. Push downward only, and not in any other directions. For instance, do not visualize energy flowing in a circle from the head down the front of the body and up the back. Just visualize energy moving downward.  This is the safest and best way to do the exercise.

Never move energy sideways, or at an angle.  This is dangerous.  Some clients ask if they may move the energy into their liver, shoulder, fingers, or somewhere else.

The answer is yes, but only if it moves straight down from the head.


  1. If you fall asleep, do not get upset. Just continue when you wake up. You must have needed the sleep.






When.  Any time is excellent.  Morning is good because the body is more rested.  In the evening, you may fall asleep.  If you awaken at night and cannot fall asleep, do it then.  The more the better.

Where.  Some clients prefer a special location in the home where they do the exercise each day.  It may help one relax faster.  Others use different locations.  Either way is fine.

How often. Do the exercise every single day.  You may do it several times daily, as well.  More is better.

For how long.  There is no danger in doing this exercise for hours.  So do not be afraid.  This is nottrue of many other meditative practices that can be habit-forming.  Longer sessions are best. However, even short sessions are better than nothing.

When can I stop doing it?  Never.  The more that you do this exercise, the more you develop your will and heal your body.  Eventually, you will do it all day long without thinking about it, and if you do this, your health will improve tremendously.  This is unique, but true.

Body position.

Sitting.  If you sit, your back needs to be straight up and down.  You can sit against a wall or cushion, or on a straight-backed chair.  Make sure it is comfortable.  You need not cross your legs Indian-style. Having them just straight down in front of you is fine.

Lying down.  If you lie down, do not use a pillow.  Be sure you are comfortable.  You may cover up with a sheet or blanket.  Many people like doing the exercise in bed or on a soft carpet on the floor.

Walking and other ways. You may do the exercise while walking slowly.  Have your eyes about half closed so you do not walk into the street.

While driving.  This is possible, once you are proficient with the exercise.  However, be extremely careful and only do it on an empty roadway.




Sit or lie down comfortably.  Close your eyes.  Some do the exercise with eyes open, but it is easier with eyes closed.  Eventually, you will be able to do it with eyes open.

Keep your eyes focused straight ahead.  Do not roll your eyes up into your head, and do not strain in any way.  Also, keep your shoulders down at all times. Do not let them ride upwards or twist.

Now use your mind to move a subtle energy into your head from above, and down the entire body to the feet.  This is the entire exercise.  Do not embellish it in any way.




Imagine that you are starting your car.  You turn the key and the motor turns over.  That is what you are doing with the pushing down exercise.  You are cranking the engine again and again and again.

If you do this faithfully for years, eventually the engine will start and you will live a long, healthy life. This is the best analogy for this exercise.  Please read this over and over until it is perfectly clear to you.




Toe breathing.  A powerful addition is to imagine breathing in and out through your toes.  It keeps your attention focused on your feet, which is where it is supposed to be at all times.


Emptying the mind. Do not wallow or wonder if thoughts or feelings arise.  Just observe them, and let them go.  Watch them as one would watch a cloud in the sky pass by and disappear.  It does not matter if they are amazing, horrible, scary, romantic, sexy or anything else.

It may help to think (but do not say) “Thy Will be done”.  It can help to let go of any and all thoughts that arise in the mind.  Do not worry.  You will not become stupid or forgetful by doing this.  Quite the opposite occurs.  You will not waste energy with idle thoughts.




Women have a more difficult time, at first, with the exercise.  This is due to their anatomy, mainly. After a few years, they often do better than the men, but getting started is harder.

For women to succeed, here are some additional suggestions:


  1. Put something inside the vagina to remind you all day to push down. Women’s anatomical problem with this exercise is lack of a penis. The dangling organ reminds the men to push down all day.

Women can place inside the vagina a small vaginal weight, or a piece of Styrofoam, or another piece of rounded plastic.  Once a day, take it out and wash it off.  That is all there is to it.

Styrofoam works well.  If you want to buy a vaginal weight, buy a small one only.  You may look at them at:

  1. Visualize. Women are more social than men, so visualize hugging a friend and pushing down together. Each one helps the other. Any person will do, though an older person is best.  This simple method really works.
  2. Teach it to your husband or partner. This helps because there is a compounding effect when you do it with another. You can sit, lie down or slowly walk together and do it.




These visualizations can help you do the exercise better:


The donut or torus visualization.  To make this exercise easier, imagine a donut or torus or automobile tire around your feet as you are sitting or lying down.

The donut is rotating fast, but not to the right or to the left.  It is rotating such that the inside of the donut is moving downward, or away from your head, all the way around the donut.  Meanwhile, the outside of the donut or tire – all around the donut – is moving upward, or toward your head.

If you do this correctly, it will help pull energy downward from your head to your feet.


The accordion or sponge. Imagine pushing the body down, mentally.  This is like closing an accordion or squeezing a sponge downward.  I am not sure why this works, but it seems to move more energy through the body.

In your mind, (not physically), squash the body downward like an accordion, and place your head under your feet with the body squeezed into a small space like a closed accordion.

Magnetizing an iron rod.  Think of the exercise as being like magnetizing a metal rod.  Imagine stroking a piece of iron (the body) with a magnet, moving it only downward, in order to magnetize the metal bar.

Lying down in a fast-moving riser.  Imagine you are lying in a very shallow, but fast-moving river with your head facing upstream and your feet propped up against a big rock that sticks out of the water.

Water rushes from your head down to your feet all around you with great force.  You feel you would be washed away if the rock did not hold your feet.

Also imagine you have a big hole in the top of your head and holes in the bottoms of your feet.  The water enters your head and rushes down your body on the inside, as well as all around you.

Sitting under a huge waterfall, or a powerful shower.  Imagine sitting under the most powerful waterfall or shower you can imagine.  Water crashes down all around you, and moves from your head to your feet with great force.

Also, imagine you have a large hole in the top of your head and holes in the bottoms of your feet, so that water moves into your body, as well, and down and out your feet.  It cleanses you, and empties you of old traumas and toxins.

Move down from Heaven to earth.  Think of the Lord’s Prayer – “Thy Will be done on earth, as it is done in Heaven”.

Beyond the feet.  Move the energy not just down to your feet, but about 30 inches or 76 centimeters beyond or below your feet.  This helps.

The bathtub.  Imagine you are a human-shaped bathtub full of water.  Now open large drain holes in your feet, your hands and one in the perineum area (between the legs).  Imagine energy (the water) pouring out these holes downward (toward your feet).

The bride of Christ.  Imagine pulling God or Jesus down from Heaven into your body.  Imagine becoming “one with God”.

The wind tunnel.  Imagine you are lying in a large wind tunnel.  Air is moving from your head to your feet at 500 miles per hour.

The wire pull. Imagine there is a wire extending from your stomach downward, a little inside the front of the body.  You pull on it to move the energy downward.

The cookie cutter. Imagine a giant cookie cutter moving over the body, from head to feet, reshaping you in the Image of God.

The Sculptor’s chisel. Imagine you are a block of uncut stone and the Divine Sculptor chisels and drills into you.  Even though there is pain, it slowly turns you into His beautiful sculpture.

Imagine you are having a baby and must push hard to move the baby out of your body. Both men and women can do this visualization.

The weights.  This visualization is very good while walking.  Imagine weights on your hands and your feet, and maybe one hanging between your legs, too.  They are forcefully pulling you downward toward your feet.

The rack.  Imagine your head is solidly attached to a holder or platform.  Your feet are tied to an old-fashioned torture machine called the rack.  Slowly the operator turns a crank that pulls your feet downward.

The fish hook pull.  Imagine fish hooks all over your body that are pulling your body downward. They are pulling down your ears, nose, chin, fingers, toes, breasts, belly button, genital hair, knee caps, and ankles.

The giant earring pull. Imagine you have on gigantic African ear rings and they are weighing down the ears so much that they are pulling the ears straight downward. You can do the same with a giant nose ring, and belly button ring.

Tight boot pull.  Imagine having a friend pulling hard on your extremely tight boots and too tight blue jeans, trying to help you take them off.

The shark pull.  Imagine you are swimming, and a shark has grabbed your bathing suit, and is trying hard to pull it down.

The massage. Imagine someone moving their hands down your body, dragging it downward – only downward and never in any other direction.

Gently touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. This will make doing the exercise easier.

Do it naked.  Doing the exercise with no clothing on seems to make the exercise easier.  Perhaps it is a symbol of letting everything go.

An exotic suggestion that works: Buy a simple electrical multi-meter or test meter that measures milliamps.  Using a piece of lamp cord or other suitable wire, hook one of the probe wires to your head and one to your feet.  You will need some silver electrodes and electrically conductive paste or cream to make a good connection.

As you push down, you will generate a little amperage.  See how much amperage you can generate as you do the exercise.  The more, the better, and it will increase with practice.




Doing the pushing down exercise with others can make it more powerful, easier and more enjoyable. They include:


Close by.  Two people can sit or lie down next to each other and push down at the same time.  The effort of each will be felt, to a degree, by the other, and this will make it easier for both people to move energy downward.  Both people must sit or lie down facing the same direction.

Group pushing exercise. More than two people – as many as you like – can also do the exercise at the same time.  Have everyone in the class or group facing the same direction, either sitting or lying on the floor.  All will benefit from the efforts of each person.

Assisted pushing.  One person sits or lies down and does the exercise.  The other person, who we will call the assistant, sits or stands next to the meditator.

The assistant pushes downward on parts of the meditator’s body, and at the same time visualizes subtle energy flowing downward from the meditator’s head to their feet.

The assistant can push down on the ears, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, knees, and toes.  This can help if it is not too distracting.

Moving the energy field.  One person lies down comfortably on a massage table and does the pushing down exercise.  An assistant stands at the meditator’s side.  The massage table must be at least several feet off the ground.

The assistant moves his or her hands in one direction only – head to feet – of the person lying down. The hands should be about one foot above the others’ body, and not touching.  This will enhance the downward-moving energetic effect.



Sit very close to a large tree.  Ideally, have your back to the tree. If done right, this will make the pushing exercise easier.  The reason is that some tree species have a powerful downward moving energy force around them.  Excellent trees for this purpose are oak trees and banyan trees, but others may work, as well.


Lie on your bed when meditating so that your feet face the equator of the earth.  For example, in the Northern hemisphere, your head needs to face to the North and your feet to the South.  If you live in the Southern hemisphere, your head needs to face the South and feet to the North.

This will assist the pushing down exercise because there is a natural flow of etheric energy from the poles to the equator of the earth.


Open water enhancement. Buy 3 bottles of Ice Age Glacial Spring Water.  It is a Canadian bottled water available in many locations.  Any size bottle will do, though a larger size is best.

Place one bottle about 6 inches from each foot, and one bottle between your legs, about 6 inches from the perineum.  This water has the unusual property of pulling energy toward itself from your body. Many people can feel it.


Sit in a down vortex.  Some people can feel where there is a natural downward-moving energy vortex on earth.  They are scattered around.

If you can feel such a spot on the earth, you can sit over it and take advantage of the naturally downward-moving energy to enhance your pushing exercise.

Be careful, however, because some energy vortices are not healthy to be around.  If you do not feel well, stop using that spot.  Some of these natural energy vortices do not have healthy energy.






When you do the pushing down exercise, stop periodically and do some simple twists.  This moves energy powerfully and greatly speeds up progress.




As you move energy downward from the head to the feet, imagine you are surrounded by a beautiful silk robe.


  1. Pull the robe inwards around yourself, tightening it around your body. This is inward motion.
  2. Spin the robe around yourself in a clockwise direction. Feel the silk brushing by your legs, your back, your chest, and your arms. This is a right spin.
  3. Move the entire robe downward. This is down movement.
  4. Relax and enjoy this feeling. This is a parasympathetic movement.





This is a powerful maneuver that enhances the pushing exercise.  It moves energy downward much more forcefully.




Some people can do the pushing down exercise easily.  In fact, some do it unconsciously all day long.  Others find it more difficult, and may even think it is impossible.

It is certainly not impossible, but they are not in the habit of moving energy downward from the head to the feet.  In many people, the energy is moving incorrectly due to traumas.  This was true of me, so I understand.

Here are suggestions for common problems that arise.




Random thoughts may arise, or songs may float through your mind.  Memories may surface, or you may begin to think about what to do later in the day.  Your body may itch or hurt, or you may fall asleep. For this problem:

  1. Observe the memories, thoughts and feelings without judgment. Then bring your attention back to the exercise. Do not spend energy “shutting them down”. It won’t work.

You may well need to just observe thoughts thousands of times.  Slowly, your mind will learn not to stray as much.

You are training part of your mind to observe at all times.  It is similar to training a dog, or training a child.  Some days will be easier than others.  If you have a bad day, don’t fret.  Just say to yourself, “We will do better tomarrow.”

  1. Do the exercise while doing a Coffee Enema or a Vaginal Coffee Implant. These excellent nutritional balancing procedures force one to lie still for 20 to 30 minutes, and they help move energy down the body.
  2. Try the visualizations in the section above this one. They can be fun and help keep things interesting.
  3. Pick a time and do the exercise at the same time each day, in the same location. This helps some people with distractions.
  4. Arrange things right. Turn off the phone and, if needed, arrange for someone to watch your children when you schedule your exercise.
  5. If you work outside your home, perhaps go to the office early or stay late if you cannot do the pushing down exercise at home. However, if possible, find a quiet, secluded spot in your home to do it.
  6. On difficult days, think of your brain as an unruly child who has been spoiled for 20 years or more. On some days, the child will resist more. Just think, “OK, we’ll do our best and we will do better tomarrow.”

The exercise involves discipline, which comes from the same root as the word ‘disciple’.  It is not about forcing things.  It is about gently staying with this path as a disciple of this method, and the results will come.

  1. Listen to a recording of the exercise. This can help to maintain your focus and to time your sessions.
  2. If you cannot sit still, do the exercise while walking slowly, or while lying down.
  3. Do the exercise in a place where you are confined to a chair, such as during an airplane flight or at a pleasant concert.
  4. Do the exercise in a bathroom stall if that is the only peaceful place you can find.
  5. Do the exercise with your family at the dinner table before dinner.




You may notice results within a few days or weeks, but many people do not notice results, at times. They become discouraged, or they think they are doing the exercise incorrectly.

Usually, neither is true.  The exercise is working, and they are doing it right.  This problem occurs most often during the first year or two of doing the exercise.

At times, changes caused by the exercise are not apparent.  Just stay with it!  If you are very unsure about it, you may send me an email and perhaps I can help.

Do not become discouraged if it seems like nothing is occurring.  For example, it could take a crisis for you to realize you are calmer, more centered and detached, and healthier mentally and emotionally.

The exercise will yield insights about yourself and others.  However, they may not come to you while doing the exercise.  They may come while you are doing the dishes, or driving in your car.




Each time you do the exercise, it slightly alters the way you perceive the world.  You will see things slightly differently.  Some of what you see may not be pleasant.  At times, anxiety, fear, anger, depression or other feelings can surface.

Do your best to stay with the feelings, rather than run from them, or discontinue the exercise.  Do your best to watch it all from a neutral place, like watching a movie.

Be grateful for seeing the truth, even if it is unpleasant.  Recall the phrase from the Bible: “Know the truth and the truth will set you free”.

You do not have to react in any way.  Definitely do not judge yourself or others.  If you wallow in your negative thoughts or insights, it will keep them around.

View all thoughts, emotions and insights as you would view clouds in the sky.  As they arise, just observe them and let them go.  Let them just float through your mind like a cloud floats through the sky. This is a wonderful analogy.

They will eventually pass.  And be sure to forgive everyone.




  1. Do the exercise as much as you can. There is no overdoing it! If at all possible, do it for at least two hours daily.  Later, you will not need to do it more than about 30 minutes.


  1. Each time you do the exercise, do it as though it were the first time. Do not let it become just a mechanical habit. You must do it a little deeper and harder each time.


  1. Make it a vital part of your lifestyle. Schedule it into your day so you don’t overlook this important new part of your life.


  1. Be patient and persistent. Benefits come in their own time, not when you think they should.

Just keep at it.  It may not be easy, at first.  The reactive mind or ‘monkey mind’, as some call it, will fight you hard at times to stay in control, and to keep you out of control.  This is what you must overcome, so just stay with it.


  1. Be open to seeing the truth about everything. Repeatedly tell yourself that you want to know the truth about everything and everyone. Otherwise, you may stop doing the exercise when hard truths are revealed to you.


  1. Be open to waking up and seeing yourself as you really are. Yes, you will see your faults and shortcomings. However, you will also become aware of beautiful qualities of character, and abilities that you did not know you had.
    Getting to know yourself with this exercise is a very positive and happy experience, even with its moments of disillusionment and even disgust, perhaps.  It is all part of the process as you become free of your past and all the false notions that you learned from your parents, teachers, and friends.


  1. Never complicate the exercise. This will be tempting, at times. This is most important.







Among the primary effects of the pushing down exercise are:


  1. Increasing the control of the mind over the body. This is essential for mental stability and personality development. Many people never gain mental control over their bodily urges and desires. This exercise helps greatly to do this.


  1. Increasing your control over your mind. Most people realize, if you do the exercise faithfully, that your mind is not really in your control. In most people, the mind wanders, races, becomes easily distracted, and may roam around like a wild beast, lurching in one direction and then in another.

Doing the exercise hundreds of times slowly brings the mind under your control, like training an unruly animal or a spoiled child.


  1. Bringing into the body much more etheric energy. This energy is called new etheric energy. It heals and eventually transforms the body and mind in very unusual ways.  This is different from other meditative exercises that I have seen.

This energy is itself unseen for the most part, but is the basic ‘stuff’ or ‘ether’ out of which all created matter is built.  In other cultures and traditions, it is known as vital force, life energy, prana, chi, qi, or perhaps zero-point energy.

The more of this energy that we take in and pass through our bodies, the better we feel.  Also, by absorbing more of it, one develops certain brain centers that otherwise remain dormant.  Awakening them causes a person to develop new abilities and talents, such as enhanced perception and others.


  1. Etheric reset. This is a fascinating idea that there is a blueprint or plan for the body that becomes distorted with age and disease. Moving more etheric energy through the body helps restore the originaletheric blueprint for the body.


  1. Development. This is the concept that human beings are capable of developing or growing new energy fields and changing their bodies and minds in truly fantastic ways. Doing the pushing exercise daily for an hour or more is one of the finest and fastest ways to cause this development to occur.


  1. Developing power and broadcasting. A critical benefit of this mental exercise, and not others, is that it automatically develops what is called Power on this website. This is simply the ability to move energy in a downward direction forcefully.

As this occurs, the person also automatically begins to broadcast subtle energy everywhere he or she goes.  This ability is somewhat subtle, but very important for the safety of the planet at this time.




Personal experience.  I have used this method for over 36 years on a daily basis.  It continues to help me heal the physical body and it continues to develop my mind in ways I would not have imagined.  This is the reason I continue to recommend it.


Is it religious? This exercise is not part of any religion, and requires no religious training or affiliation. It is used in many religions, however.

For example, in the Christian religion, one recites the Lord’s Prayer.  It states that “Thy will be done on earth, as it is already done in Heaven”.  This exercise, and this one only, puts this prayer into action as you bring a subtle healing and beautiful energy straight down from your head down into you feet.  You are literally bringing heaven to earth.


Reading is not the answer. Just reading this article about the pushing exercise will not work, although it is a good way to begin.  Instead, do the exercise every day and many problems will slowly disappear from your life.




The effects of the exercise are many, and they occur on many levels.  They include:

  1. Helps to decongest the organs.
  2. Improves blood and lymph circulation.
  3. 3. Inhibits the sympathetic nervous system. This is a wonderful benefit.
  4. A result of #3 is to rest the adrenal and thyroid glands and assist the activity of the immune, digestive and elimination systems of the body.
  5. Breathing automatically slows and deepens. This brings more oxygen to the body cells.More oxygen in the body greatly assists metabolism, and can bring healing all by itself.

Other physical benefits may also occur.




So much change occurs on mental and emotional levels that later sections of this article discuss some of them in more detail.  In this section, I will only touch upon some of the most important ones.  Here are just a few of them:


  1. It reduces projection. This is essential for all development and healing of the brain and mind.Projection is the act of throwing out or rejecting certain thoughts and feelings that are unpleasant, or that seem uncomfortable for other reasons.  It causes many problems for a person because it is fake, essentially, or false.

The pushing exercise tends to show a person where he or she is projecting, which helps to end it.  It also helps a person to take full responsibility for one’s life, which leads to deep healing and true forgiveness.


  1. Incomplete thought processes will be completed as the mind stops racing out of control.Most people do not realize that they are so busy with their momentary activities that they do not complete their thoughts, and many projects at home or at work. When you push, many thought processes will complete on their own.  This not only relaxes the mind and the emotions.  Often, this also brings with it surprising insights and creative ideas for you.


  1. Old mental and emotional traumas come up for viewing, and usually resolve automatically. This reduces stress dramatically. It is a very necessary process for many people’s physical, emotional and mental healing.  It is not always pleasant.  It will go well if you just observe whatever comes up with equanimity and an observing attitude.


  1. It brings one and keeps one in the present moment. This is where all wisdom and healing lie.Fear and anxiety are in the future, while guilt and remorse are in the past.  You will begin to understand this much better as you meditate daily.  This exercise is superb for keeping a person in the present time, something that most people have difficulty doing well and consistently.


  1. The exercise is extremely grounding and centering. This is not true of most meditations, by the way. Grounding, which is the subject of an article on this website, is most important for healing for many people today.  Especially as our world is changing rapidly, grounding and centering are extremely important for all healing processes.


  1. Doing the pushing exercise is a type of mental checkup. Often you will find that you automatically review your day and plan for tomarrow without having to think about it.


  1. Deprogramming, rather than reprogramming. The exercise deprograms the mind and even the body in many ways by upsetting and breaking up old tensions. That is, it slowly undoes your past traumas and issues.
    In contrast, affirmations, most visualization and concentration exercises only reprogram the mind.  This is a vital difference between this meditation and almost all others that I have seen.
    Whitewashing Vs. Removal.  This subject could fill an entire book.  It means that other methods will tend to whitewash over your problems, fears, angers and the rest of the unwanted thoughts and emotions.  Instead, this exercise will often do the opposite.
    It will bring them up for review, usually in a non-threatening way.  Just observe them without reacting. They will be released and you will be free from the original cause of the attitude, emotion or thought.
    This process of deprogramming takes a few years, at least, but is well worth the effort.   Each level of traumas, hidden emotions and thoughts that you progress through clears more negative thought patterns.  Little by little, you will be free and will function much better.  This is the same thing as what Christians call “conversion” or moving with the Lord or with spirit.
    Deprogramming and Healing.  Freeing negative energetic patterns also greatly opens the body for every kind of healing.




The energy centers.  The pushing down exercise greatly helps open the 7 physical energy centers of the body.  This means to make them grow larger.

It also helps a lot to cleanse them, correct their color, align them and balance them all properly so they work together in harmony.  It also helps to enable them to all spin in the right direction.

The subtle energy fields.  The exercise also helps greatly with the development of what are called the subtle bodies or subtle human energy fields.  This is very important for development, as defined on this website.

The dantiens.  The exercise spins the dantiens correctly and balances them so they work together.

The merkabah.  The exercise also permits the development of the merkabah.  This is a Biblical word that means the vehicle of light.  This is very important for development and for a long, healthy life.

Grounding.  This is one’s connection with the earth.  It is very helpful for overall health, and to make better decisions, as well.

Broadcasting.  This is radiating energy out to the other people, and eventually for longer distances, as well.

Spirituality. As the seventh energy center opens and heals (located at the crown of the head), one often feels more connected to God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and to true guidance.




Entities, as defined on this website, are discarnate souls.  This means souls that are no longer attached to bodies because the bodies have died.  They can become attached to a living person and cause mischief.  This is sometimes called entity possession.

The pushing down exercise, and not most other mental exercises, helps remove harmful entities from the energy field of a person.  This  occurs for several reasons:


  1. More yang. The pushing exercise makes the body much more yang. This involves a contraction of the energy field that closes certain openings or tears in the aura or energy field, in which the entities lodge.
  2. Heating up the energy field. When a person does this meditation exercise daily, the powerful downward-moving energy and more yang quality of the energy field have a heating effect on the energy field. Almost all discarnate souls do not enjoy this and they leave the person’s energy field.
  3. Calming the mind and body. This effect is also is hard on discarnates, and causes some of them to leave. They prefer to hide in bodies and energy fields of those who are perpetually upset and unbalanced.
  4. Better overall health. The exercise has a powerful healing effect on the entire body. Entities thrive best in sick and discouraged bodies, and tend not to remain when a person is healthy and happy.





The process of releasing traumas through this exercise is interesting.  It gently brings the mind to a peaceful place where you can view old incidents and traumas from a detached perspective, almost as if they happened to someone else.  In this way, you can avoid much of the fear and anxiety that occur when old traumas are brought up to consciousness.

Also, old traumas, if they come up, will be brought up in a special order that is not your own. Instead, it is the body’s own order of trauma release.  This is also important because many people think they know the correct order in which traumas should surface.  In fact, we do not know the correct order because the brain is complex and the proper order of trauma release can be very subtle.

For example, incidents that you don’t even consider traumatic may have been quite so.  Conversely, situation that you consider pivotal for you may really have been due to an earlier situation.  You may have forgotten the earlier trauma that “set you up” for later problems.  So the brain will choose the best way to bring up and release all these old traumas.

The pushing exercise is thus a bioenergetic trauma release method that is totally compatible with the trauma release concept of a nutritional balancing program.  They complement and enhance one another beautifully.  This is a major reason I ask that everyone practice this exercise daily for at least one hour.




The pushing exercise will help you witness your life in a non-morbid, detached way.  It gently brings up hidden thoughts and attitudes so they can be examined objectively.  The “therapy” proceeds at your own pace and brings up issues in the correct order.

Cultivating the witness in oneself shines the light of truth on every activity, relationship and event in your life.  This is truly wonderful and has a powerful healing effect, providing one is willing to make needed changes, when indicated.


Negative and random, distracting thoughts begin to have less power.  This is a mental effect that is quite startling to people.  It has to do with observing one’s thoughts and the idea of bringing up and releasing old traumas.  As this is done, the negative thoughts and feelings associated with the traumas stop coming into your mind.

You may find that oddly, you no longer feel sorry for yourself, for example.  Perhaps you notice you are less angry or upset with your family.  Automatically reducing this negative thinking is an incredible benefit for many people who have tried affirmations, prayer, and other methods to banish negative thoughts.


This exercise helps to de-hypnotize. Most people live in a light hypnotic trance.  You probably don’t realize it, but this is true.  For example, most advertising works because it set ups a post-hypnotic suggestion to buy a certain car, or perhaps brand of shampoo.  It only works because most people are already in a light trance state and are easily influenced by these advertisements.

This exercise assists a person to come out of this hypnotic or very light trance state.  The result is much better decision-making and often a correction of mistaken attitudes.




As a person does the pushing exercise for a number of years, imbalances in one’s personality begin to resolve.  This results in greater maturity and a more integrated personality.




Physical healing reactions.  As the physical body heals due to the effects of the pushing down exercise, you may experience temporary symptoms.  These are called healing reactions or purification reactions.

Examples may include a headache, another ache or pain, an upset stomach, gurgling in the abdomen (an excellent sign), a skin rash, a cold, or something else.


Mental and emotional healing reactions.  Temporary healing symptoms may also include any possible feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, resentment or others.  Memories may also surface.

In all cases, these are feelings and thoughts that were suppressed or forgotten, often many years ago. They need to be exposed so they can be acknowledged, processed and released.  Continuing with the pushing exercise will usually accomplish this very important aspect of physical and mental healing without any need for counseling or any other interventions.

These purification symptoms are very positive, even if a symptom is unpleasant, annoying, or scary. They will pass.


If a symptom is very intense.  In this instance, experiment to see if doing the pushing exercise more makes it go away.  In some cases, doing it for less time will make the symptom milder, although it will usually delay complete healing, to some degree.

Another very helpful idea is to follow a complete nutritional balancing program, including the procedures.  These can also assist you to get through all types of healing reactions faster and with less annoyance.

If retracing reactions continue to be a problem, I may be able to assist you.  For example, you may be overlooking a nutritional balancing procedure or an aspect of your lifestyle that needs attention.




To allow and facilitate mental, emotional and sometimes physical healing, everyone must let go of grudges, judgments and resentments against everyone!.  This is critical.

If you do not do this, the issue, situation or trauma will keep coming up during your pushing exercise. When this happens, many people stop doing the exercise because it is unpleasant.

The only solution that I have found is to forgive everyone, including yourself, for everything that has ever happened to you.  This may sound extreme.  However, it is absolutely needed in order for complete healing to occur in the brain and the body.

Forgiving does not mean forgetting, condoning, or that you must remain in touch with someone who harmed you.  However, forgiveness is absolutely essential for success with this exercise.

This is a large and important topic related to the pushing exercise.  It is one of the most important problems, if not the most critical one, that arises when a person follows a nutritional balancing program or just begins to do the pushing down exercise.


Speaking with a counselor.  Rarely, it is wise to talk about your insights with a counselor or a trusted friend.  However, this is rarely needed, nor is it always helpful.  The goal is let go of the past, and move on in your life.  Talking about it for hours of weeks often sustains the trauma, which is not desirable. There is no need to justify, confirm, or rationalize anything that you did, or that someone else did.  It is better to let it all go.


My history with this exercise.  In 1978, I learned the observation-meditation exercise taught by Mr. Roy Masters of Oregon, USA.  Practicing it helped me to focus the mind, to  relax, and it assisted healing of the body.  I did it for at least 2 hours daily, and often up to 3 hours daily.

Within a year, I changed it, which made it more powerful.  I felt subtle energy moving from my head to my feet.  Practicing it while doing a coffee enema made it much easier and even more powerful.

Around the year 2000, a good friend deepened my understanding of the exercise.  He explained that I had stumbled on an old spiritual practice used in most religions for the purpose of development.  I did not know what this was.  However, the friend turned out to be correct.