The Ultimate Health Program To Heal Your Adrenal Fatigue

Heal Your Adrenal Fatigue Deeply And Permanently By Healing The Body As A Whole System

How I Overcame Extreme Adrenal Burnout To Health And Happiness And How You Can Too

Do Your Suffer From Constant Fatigue That Is Not Fixed By Sleep?

DO YOU SUFFER FROM? * fatigue * decreased tolerance to cold * poor circulation * low blood sugar level (hypoglycemia) * low blood pressure * allergies * apathy or depression *low stamina * low self-esteem due to low energy output * joint aches and pains * low levels of gastric hydrochloric acid * tendency to constipation * muscle weakness * need for excessive amounts of sleep * fears, due to low energy and secondary copper toxicity * lowered resistance to infection * subnormal body temperature.


These are all clear signs of Adrenal Burnout. I personally suffered from extreme adrenal burnout and now help others heal the same. What many people do not realise is that burnout is often a whole systems issue. Healing the body as a whole is the key to overcoming burnout and adrenal fatigue.

Everyday people are using Nutritional Balancing with Hair Mineral Analysis Science to over come adrenal fatigue

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Just like you I was fed up of running around in circles trying to find the answers to my health problems. Like many I was listening to Dr’s who couldn’t diagnose me and health practitioners who seemed like they were second guessing what I actually had. Time and time again I would try a health regime only to discover it wasn’t helping or even making me worse!!

After years of desperation I finally discovered the power of Hair Mineral Analysis with Nutritional Balancing which combined 40 years of backed up science with natural health, finally I was on the road to recovery. 

Fascinated with the results I healed deeply and permanently afterwards I went on to study this science with Westbrook University in the USA, gaining my diploma and becoming a fully certified Nutritional Balancing Practitioner.




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    My Adrenal Burnout Story

    The Sudden Turn Into Real Health

    What Is Nutritional Balancing

    What Is Hair Mineral Analysis



  • I cannot believe the changes I started feeling while working with Lewis. He really knows his stuff. It was refreshing to listen to someone so passionate about what he was teaching. I feel very fortunate to be working with him. My energy has improved so much and many health issues I thought was not related have also healed.!!

    Steven – Shropshire

My Adrenal Burnout Story

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]When I was 15, I started experiencing some very strange health issues. I no longer felt a connection with people,

it was as if I lived in some sort of bubble.

I was watching the world pass me by and whenever I tried to engage with people it was like communicating through an invisible thick smog.

It got to a point where I thought everyone was like this, where I thought the world and life was to be lived in this murky blob….

Being so young I was scared of saying anything to my parents, I was so confused about what was going off and It had happened at a very stress full point in my life, like most people.

I was studying hard for my GCSE’s and I had started part time 25 hours a week work.

I also got into the wrong crowd at school, started drinking, was playing semi-professional football 4 times a week and on top of that I had come out of a fairly long relationship.

It was safe to say my body was extremely stressed, however being the high achiever that I was I thought nothing of it and carried on pushing pushing pushing.

Instead of resting I pushed more, I worked more, I did more exercise, I drank more alcohol and I even started taking recreational drugs.

It wasn’t just the bubble that was a problem now, I started getting acne, I was struggling to wake up in a morning, I started having panic attacks, trembling, suicidal thoughts and this was literally just the start of it.

For 5 years I just kept pushing, I tried to do more to fit in, I tried to exercise my way out of things but in reality I was wearing myself out even more.

By the age of 21 I was clearly in a lot of trouble.

My university life was a misery, I was loosing friends, I became a recluse and an introvert. Dr’s passed me to psychologists and psychologists told me low self esteem was my problem.

Heavy exercise didn’t help, cognitive behavioural therapy didn’t either, and drugs were even worse. Deep down I knew mentally I was a normal person, put there was something that just wasn’t right.

I started searching elsewhere, I truly thought I was GOING MAD. I tried the paleo diet, that just made me feel sick and faint, I tried massages, reflexology, acupuncture, reiki, gaps diet. You name it I tried it. All I got was second guessing and no real answers to my problems.

With my teens ruined I was starting to seriously worry about myself and I had accumulated ALOT of health problems, like:

Dry Skin
Hair Loss
Bleeding Gums
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (extreme)
Brain Fog
Light Flashes in peripheral
A buzzing sensation throughout the body
A heavy dullness at the bottom of the brain
Heart palpitations
Dark eye bags
Prolonged afterimages
Trailing images
Tight muscles
Bad breath
Candida / chronic yeast infections
Chronic ear infection
Disconnected from reality
Feeling of living inside a bubble
Visual Snow
Teeth Aching
Involentry hand movements
Tingling Skin
Electrohypersensitivity (EMF problems)
Toe Fungus
Allergies (hayfever)

Worryingly there was probably more to add to that list!!!

I needed a miracle…..



The Sudden Turn Into Real Health

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]At the age of 21, 6 years later after years and years of research I came across a technique that combined Hair Mineral Analysis Science with a natural healing solution.

By this time my health was extremely bad.

I couldn’t get out of bed, the tiredness was beyond explainable, small noises would send me into shock, I couldn’t walk to Uni, I couldn’t engage in conversations my eyes felt like they would fall out of my face, standing on my feet would hurt, even bad films would send me into a panic.

I read an article on brain fog by Dr Lawrence Wilson and was astounded by the mass of information. I had never come across such informative information. Needless to say I was excited about embarking on health regime yet sceptical because of my long list of failures.

I took a few recommended supplements and low and behold my brain fog started to lift a little.

After 6 years of living in fogged up hole I was both shocked, scared and overwhelmed. Finally have I discovered something that would heal me???

In short yes. However things took a slightly unexpected turn.

I immediately started on the healing program with Hair Mineral Analysis and my results came back with EXTREME ADRENAL EXHAUSTION.

Not only did it come back with extreme burnout it also informed me that my body was in a constant fight or flight mode. Something we call sympathetic dominance. I was also showing some poor mineral patterns for a 21 year old. There was a big sense of relief however as I had finally stumbled upon some answers thanks God!

Basically my body had burned out of all of its minerals that it no longer could relax properly and heal, it had chronically switched on its stress response and couldn’t switch it off. Therefore I was not only shattered but my body couldn’t relax, this was a bad way of having burnout and I really needed to switch this off.

I carried on with the healing program and overtime changed many factors in my life from the correct diet, to water, to detox protocols, supplements, lifestyle changes and more. Needless to say it was a very complete healing program.

Not long after my body switched off its sympathetic mode and I finally started to relax and heal. However unfortunately with burnout its not a case of getting a few nights sleep as many of you already know.

I kept to the program and learned more and more about burnout and all the other symptoms I had. I was reading forums seeing people failing over and over again and I seemed to be healing!!!

I was feeling very fortunate.

However I had done some serious damage to my health. I was just about to finish University and my parents wanted me to start full time work.

I could barely get out of bed never mind go into work, my family didn’t know what was wrong me me or at least they didn’t understand, neither did my friends or anyone around me.

I decided to take a one way flight to Thailand. Although I was incredibly tired I needed to get away from the pressure it was just far too much, so reluctantly I headed over to Asia in order to heal. 

I spent a full year in Thailand healing, studying and talking to others. Day by day I was detoxing, resting and learning more.

I went through many ups and downs and slowly I was starting to take full control of my body.

As the months went on layer by layer I healed and peeled back. One time I remember I suddenly came out fully of my bubble.

It was like someone had given me the keys to my prison cell it was very surreal.

My chronic overthinking subsided. My skin cleared, my energy slowly started to return, my vision improved and many many more.

6 years later I’m now sharing my story and knowledge. I became a fully certified Nutritional Balancing Practitioner and now I teach and help others overcome their debilitating symptoms using science and nutrition.

PS – I have an unusually extreme case of adrenal burnout for my age, I have tried to put this across here to show you even the most extreme cases can be healed. Many people do not have this level of exhaustion but I wanted you to know the full power of the program.



What Is Nutritional Balancing?

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

Nutritional balancing is a sophisticated, integrated system for healing the body at a very deep levels.  It is about 45 years old and this is what I liked about it, It’s well tested!

It uses principles from both ancient and modern healing arts to drastically increase the vitality level of the body.

It employs modern theories such as the stress theory of disease, metabolic typing, cybernetics, holography, fractal mathematics, chaos theory, biological transmutation of the elements, and other physics and engineering concepts.  These are combined with up-to-date Western medical physiology and biochemistry.

Backed up by Hair Mineral Analysis it creates a very powerful way of healing many of the bodies ailments, safely, efficiently and permanently.

The beauty of Nutritional Balancing is that is has been co-created along side a properly performed hair mineral analysis. By studying thousands of hair tests and patterns Dr Paul Eck and Dr Lawrence Wilson can fine tune healing to exceptional degrees of magnitude.

What’s also amazing is that we can see modern day 21st century trends for example, we used to recommend brown rice as an excellent carbohydrate. However we saw people who eat rice on hair tests were showing arsenic. We discovered arsenic was in most rice today so this was quickly eliminated from the program, something most other programs do not have the power of doing!

Nutritional Balancing targets the body as a whole. We believe and have seen that by giving the body what it needs in terms of full system healing the body can naturally heal itself from many ailments. Below is a short run down of the factors involved.



  • DIET

    The correct diet is critical to healing, many health practitioners do not have a thorough test to provide people with the correct diet. Combined with Hair Mineral Analysis we can really create a targeted diet program for clients. We find that most other diets like vegan, vegetarian, paleo, western price and others simply do not work. We can see this from the hair samples.


    Lifestyle is critical, not only to healing adrenal burnout but any health issue, most people run themselves ragged all day long, not stopping for breaks or anything. We put alot of emphasis on the correct lifestyle which includes sleeping times, meal times and work output.


    With Hair Mineral Analysis we can see exactly what minerals people are lacking in. We do not second guess any supplements. From our years of experience we have realised that modern day food and soils cannot provide the full nutrients for healing. We have over the 40 years created targeted supplements for various hair patterns that literally help pull a person out of their health pattern.


    We have an array of detoxification procedures designed to help you to return to optimum health. Depending on your health and conditions we provide you with numerous ways to help detoxify and heal the body. Our methods are safe and very effective. We use things like single light red infrared therapy you can do at home, coffee enemas which can be done at home, reflexology, kelp wraps and more.


What Is Hair Mineral Analysis?

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Hair tissue mineral analysis or HTMA is a soft tissue mineral biopsy that uses hair as the sampling tissue.  A biopsy is an analysis of a body tissue.  Hair is considered a soft tissue, and hence hair analysis is a soft tissue biopsy.

The test measures the levels of 20 or more minerals in the hair with an accuracy of plus or minus about 3%.  This is about the same level of accuracy as most blood tests, or a little better.

For accurate measurement of the water-soluble elements, the hair sample must not be washed at the hair testing laboratory.

Unfortunately many hair labs wash the hair at the lab. This doesn’t work well and is the main reason in hair analysis controversies!!!

As an aside, hair is extremely useful for testing many things besides minerals.  These include drugs, toxic chemicals and DNA.

At times I have heard people say that hair is not helpful for testing the body.  In fact, the very opposite is the truth.  Hair is frequently used in forensic medicine, and in drug testing clinics.  It is also used worldwide for biological monitoring of many animal species for toxic metals.

Over 45 years Hair Mineral Analysis has been used alongside Nutritional Balancing. Seeing thousands of results and thousands of people we can really understand what is going on in many peoples bodies at deep levels, and more importantly, work to heal them!! 


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

I  couldn’t believe how powerful hair analysis is….

Still to this day I’m astounded at the results we can see from a hair analysis.

Dr Wilson and Dr Eck have found literally 100’s of different hair analysis patterns that all relate to different personalities, traits and trends.

Many patterns are combined with lengthy articles that explain deeper about your particular pattern. Many clients are shocked at the the information and support they receive whilst on a Nutritional Balancing Program. We have stress patterns, health trend patterns, carbohydrate patterns, withdrawal patterns, personality patterns, metabolic patterns, joy and success patters and many more!![/text_block]


WHAT’S INCLUDED?Below is what you can expect from my amazing package…

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]

I want all of my clients to get the best possible experience and information, therefore my healing package is absolutely packed with information….


  • Hair Analysis Test From ARL Labs

    A full Hair Analysis Test measuring many minerals and toxic metals. From this test we can see exactly what’s going on deep inside the body. ARL DO NOT wash the hair at the lab, this is extremely important, and the reason why other hair labs provide bad results.

  • A 30 Page Booklet Explaining Your Test

    This 30 page booklet is packed full of information related to your hair analysis test. It’s a great starting point to this complex and powerful healing modality. The booklet explains your health trends, toxic metals and much more information related to your current health.

  • Access to your online personal portal

    On this personal portal we can track your healing progress. Your test results, comments and information related to your personal journey is all stored safely and securely. Private message me in this powerful portal.

  • A further in-depth analysis from the leading Hair Analysis Dr

    Dr Lawrence Wilson my personal mentor on my journey personally overlooks your healing program and FURTHER refines it. Dr Wilson co-created of the full Nutritional Balancing Program and has worked with 10’000s of clients. Now he only works closely with certificed practitioners like myself. Dr Wilsons knowledge is priceless and he is able to refine your healing program to a very precise level.

  • A full Nutritional Balancing Program

    With your hair results comes your own personal healing program. We will refine your diet, show you what water to drink and how much, teach you about powerful detox protocols like coffee enemas, infra-red saunas, chiropractic stretches, how to personally do reflexology, personal lifestyle changes, personal supplement recommendations, meditation and relaxation exercises and much much more. In fact we go above and beyond with experience in many areas of physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • Access to our video series

    All clients get access to online private videos teaching your more about the program. We have videos on many aspects of the healing program that you can watch comfortably. The program is very in-depth and we find providing people with top quality healing videos helps alot in their healing regime.

  • A Skype conversation discussing your results

    Whenever your results come through I will personally call you and explain the your results to you and answer any questions to get you on the road the recovery. We will do a deep dive into your test results and talk about areas of your health that often you are unaware of. This gives clients a great opportunity to ask an array of questions they may have.

  • Access to our online forum

    We have just created a new online forum for clients. This as we know can be a lonely road for some, so a positive online community is needed at times to help you through. Our online forum for clients allows people to chat and feel connected while going through their healing journey.

  • BONUS 1 – Dr Wilson Audio Books
  • BONUS 2 – Recipe book full of awesome Nutritional Balancing safe recipes
  • BONUS 3 – Get added to my live QnA newsletter


Lewis I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve helped me with. A few months ago I was in such a mess and your insights and help brought me out of a place I wish I never return to. I was deflated and fearful and you carefully explained to me what was going on. The program is amazing I can’t praise it enough. Keep up the good work.

S. Utley
Stay At Home Mum

I’ve known Lewis for quite a few years now and I know he’s had some tough times himself. Not long back I started with some bad adrenal symptoms and came to Lewis for help.

Lewis gave me clear and concise steps towards my healing. He helped me balance my energy, my life and the company I work for. I not only grew physically but I learned a deeper respect of the nature of reality. For that I am forever grateful.

T. Longden

I had pain, fatigue, psoriasis, infections and anxiety for at least 10 years.  I thought I could handle it myself, so I self-medicated with alcohol, marijuana, sex, and partying.  When that did not work, I began to try various medical drugs and vitamin remedies – at least 25 of them.

When that did not work, I did a “cleanse” with chlorella and cilantro.  This just made me feel very strange inside.  Finally, two years ago I discovered nutritional balancing.  Here are the results:

After 14 months of NB with no saunas or enemas, and another 12 months with coffee enemas, I must say I am amazed by the program and the results.  I did not think it was possible to feel this way and have this inner peace.

There is some anxiety now and then, which doesn’t bother me very much at all . I don’t have any of the other problems I’ve previously mentioned. I had a flare up of my psoriasis right before I started infrared saunas. After a week or two of adding the sauna to the program, the flare up was gone.

I have a deep respect for the work of everyone involved in NB. The program has developed me so that I’ve truly come in contact with my spiritual nature and I have so much more emotional control.   God bless you.


I had EXTREME fatigue, muscle weakness, and brain fog. It had gotten so bad over the years, because no one knew what it was and all my tests came back normal (traditional docs).  Since the doctors didn’t know what it was, they suggested anti-depressants, hormones, and thyroid meds. But I knew that would only be treating the symptoms. I had more apathy than depression, but I believe it was because I was just too weak to handle any emotion.

Literally, most days I woke up and shuffled to the couch, and back to bed every night for 16-20 hrs of sleep.  I wasn’t necessarily “tired”.  Sleep was frankly all I had enough energy to do, and I couldn’t make much use of my couch time, because I couldn’t read more than a couple paragraphs without being completely overwhelmed.  (Background: I have a graduate degree and worked in an upper level management position.)

I had an almost immediate small improvement on the nutritional balancing program.  That allowed me enough energy to at least shower and put makeup on most every day, and even run errands on my good days.

Nine months into the program, doing the whole program, I had a huge copper elimination or copper dump.  It hit me so hard that I was back in a wheelchair for two days, had a migraine for three days, and then a skin rash for two weeks.

I am MUCH better now.  My bad days now feel like I used to feel on my good days, before the copper elimination.  My practitioner says to expect 1 or 2 more healing reactions before I’m completely back to normal.

But now, I can’t wait!  The program is slow, but we didn’t get this way overnight.  After nine months of following the program pretty religiously, my body finally decided it was strong enough to dump a bunch of copper.  It restored my faith in the program, because after about six months, I was getting very impatient.

I am now a staunch supporter of this program, and so happy I found it, and my consultant!  Where would I be without them?  Oh, that’s right, I’d be on the couch.


When I began a nutritional balancing program, I had been battling fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and low thyroid gland activity.  I also ended up in the hospital for a week with kidney failure despite no history of kidney issues. Western medicine got my kidneys working again and the doctors sent me home telling me “You’re fine…your labs are normal.” However, I still had no energy and felt like hell even on a good day.

I stumbled upon Dr. Wilson’s information and NB by accident and it’s been life changing for me.  My practitioner helps me understand the results of the hair mineral tests I’ve had in the last year, and it’s very encouraging to see and feel that my thyroid is improving, my brain fog has lifted, and my energy and mood are better, along with many other physical and emotional improvements. I follow many components of the program and refer to the website frequently for information, encouragement, and inspiration.


“I am a 51-year-old female suffering from Morgellons Disease, CFS, and Bipolar Disorder. I also suffer from depression and extreme anxiety. I have also suffered all of my life with baby fine, oily, thin hair and cellulite.

I followed Dr. Wilson’s program very strictly for approximately 5 months.  My symptoms improved so much that I actually quit the program gradually.  However, I do plan to get back on it as soon as my retest returns because my symptoms are returning.  (Deep and permanent healing takes longer than 5 months, and usually requires several years on a program. – editor)

During the first month, I began to notice my fingernails dramatically improve along with my energy level. My concentration improved and my brain fog began to dissipate.  I noticed my “menopause pot belly” began to go away along with my cellulite after a couple of months to my fascination and delight!!

My head was shaved due to the sores on my head from the Morgellons. The sores began to go away and within 4 months were completely gone!!  My hair started growing back extremely lustrous and shiny and thicker than it had EVER BEEN with no gray!! I was both amazed and ecstatic!!  This program definitely works for me and Heather is an awesome coach when the going gets tough!!


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  • 1 x Hair Analysis Test From ARL Labs
  • A 30 Page Booklet Explaining Your Test
  • Access to your online personal portal
  • A further in-depth analysis from the leading Hair Analysis Dr
  • A full Nutritional Balancing Program
  • Access to our video series
  • A Skype conversation discussing your results
  • Access to our online forum
  • BONUS 1 – Dr Wilson Audio Books
  • BONUS 2 – Recipe book full of awesome Nutritional Balancing safe recipes
  • BONUS 3 – Get added to my live QnA newsletter

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  • 3 x Hair Analysis Test From ARL Labs (FOR THE YEAR!!)
  • A 30 Page Booklet Explaining Your Test
  • Access to your online personal portal
  • A further in-depth analysis from the leading Hair Analysis Dr
  • A full Nutritional Balancing Program
  • Access to our video series
  • A Skype conversation discussing your results
  • Access to our online forum
  • BONUS 1 – Dr Wilson Audio Books
  • BONUS 2 – Recipe book full of awesome Nutritional Balancing safe recipes
  • BONUS 3 – Get added to my live QnA newsletter

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  • 2 x Monthly Audio / Videos calls – Get personal over the phone tutoring for the first 6 months on your Nutritional Balancing Program (12 All together)
  • 3 x Hair Analysis Test From ARL Labs (FOR THE YEAR!!)
  • 3 x 30 Page Booklets Explaining Your Test results
  • Access to your online personal portal
  • 3 x further in-depth analysis from the leading Hair Analysis Dr
  • A full Nutritional Balancing Program + refinements
  • Access to our video series
  • Access to our online forum
  • BONUS 1 – Dr Wilson Audio Books
  • BONUS 2 – Recipe book full of awesome Nutritional Balancing safe recipes
  • BONUS 3 – Get added to my live QnA newsletter

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