Perhaps no other sense contains so much untapped potential as our sense of touch. Ready to unleash it?

Find a place where there is at least a small natural area, even if it is only a tree. Sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and tune in to your sense of touch. Notice where your butt is contacting the ground. The feeling of clothes on your skin. Places where your body is touching another part of your body. There is a slight pressure where your eyelids touch, and where your tongue is settling in your mouth. Air moves in and out of your nose or mouth, and the muscles in your chest expand and contract. There may be wind, the tickle of a crawling insect, or internal sensations of pressure or movement. For a few moments, take all of this in. As best you can, become your sense of touch.

Now, begin to explore the area you’ve chosen. If it is a tree, touch the bark, the roots, the soil. Moss or lichen might grow on the tree. Touch these things, lingeringly, with eyes closed if that helps. Remember that touch does not only reside in our fingers. We can touch things with our cheeks, with our bare feet, with our noses.

You can bring this practice to the rest of your day, stopping now and again to notice the textures and sensations that are ours in every moment. This adds a new richness and vibrancy to the world that helps us remember the sensory wealth that surrounds us in every moment.

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