Trail sit

Now for a bit of voyeurism! You’ll need to find a trail or walking path that is frequented by bikers, hikers, or walkers. Find a place to sit just off the path. The idea isn’t to hide, but to place yourself so that you are just inconspicuous enough that most people won’t notice you. You can move to new locations during this practice if it seems like too many people are seeing you, but you may be surprised to find that you can sit in plain sight just off a path and most passers-by won’t notice you.

Sitting here, begin to watch your fellow humans. For a moment, imagine that you are watching another species, and study them with curiosity. If you notice your mind snapping into judgment (that guy has no fashion sense!), see if you can gently guide yourself back to curiosity (I wonder why that guy is wearing such interesting clothes?).

For a half hour, or as long as you want to sit, see if you can study these humans with as open a mind as you can muster. What are they doing? What seems important in their world? Notice their different walking gaits, whether they are talking or observing or listening to music.

When you emerge from your sit, coming back into the world of humans, notice if you see them any differently, and if you like, playfully turn your gaze onto your own life, your own behaviors, and your own manner of moving through the world.