We live on a watery planet. It is what gives our planet life. Of all the elements, water and air are the most important resources for your physical body.

There is something about being near water — especially flowing water — that has the strong potential of bringing us feelings of peace and serenity.

Most human civilizations are formed around flowing water — rivers, lakes, streams and the ocean feed our cities and towns. Our ancestors expressed their gratitude for water with regular rituals and celebrations — something that we as modern humans have forgotten. It is too easy for us to take life giving water for granted today with the convenience of plumbing and taps.

Just take yourself camping for more than a few days and you will start to find a deeper appreciation of h2o.

Today we encourage you to find wild water near where you live. Go to this aquatic place and sit by the body of water. Dip your hands and feet in and enjoy it’s cooling properties. If you are brave and wild enough, jump in! Let your body be held by this amazing element. Float, drift, flow and swim. Fully immerse yourself in water.

What thoughts and feelings come up when you connect with this wild water? Do you feel peace and serenity? Maybe gratitude and appreciation? Let those feelings come in.

Secondly, think about where this water comes from. Where is the source? Where does the water travel before it gets to that spot in front of you? Is it clean? Why or why not?

It is important for us as modern humans to connect with our water source. We need it to survive and the more we know about our water the better. Share your photos and thoughts in the facebook group.